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 Ray Burrows - “The response, for the most part, has been overwhelming, Burrows said. Strangers have treated her like family. I don't mean cordial, ... I mean genuine concern.”
 John Burrows - “China's nitrogen dioxide concentration varies according to season,”
 George Burrows - “We can't strive and better the community if the city doesn't keep its commitment.”
 Peter Burrows - “Purists can sniff that the new Hi-Fi speaker system is a glorified boom box, but for Microsoft and others the message is clear Jobs Co. are coming on strong.”
 John Burrows - “Meteorology also plays a role. There is a peak before Christmas this is not because industrial activity, domestic heating or transportation is suddenly reduced after the holiday season but because there is an eastward outflow of air that was previously revolving around Asia. This is the same type of phenomenon that carries dust from the Gobi Desert across to the West Coast of the US.”
 Julie Burrows - “This third consecutive month of record traffic demonstrates the value we offer our visitors. Consumers are increasingly relying on trusted, local news sites for information that affects their daily lives. In addition, our explosive growth continues to catch the eye of blue chip online advertisers such as Sara Lee, ATT, and Nationwide Insurance who want to reach consumers in a trusted environment.”
 John Burrows - “While nitrogen dioxide vertical column concentrations above central and eastern Europe and parts of the East Coast of the United States have been either static or exhibiting a small decrease, there is a clear and significant increase over China,”
 Peter Burrows - “Implementing a common business process across multiple brand groups that were considered independent businesses.”
 George Burrows - “There was a big downturn in business, partly when the Jewish people left. The other thing too, is property became much more expensive. It was the boom and bust cycle. Other people started to move in.”
 Roger Burrows - “The next acquisition may more likely come in, say, the U.S., in a community, a similar style business, probably a smaller size.”
 Eva Burrows - “Homelessness is not just an isolated social evil. It is the catalyst and the breeding ground for other problems such as marriage difficulties and family breakup, stress, unemployment and alcoholism..”
 Saffron Burrows - “He makes me laugh, Mick He tended to turn up when we were having lunch and entertain us all. He bought an Enigma machine I've never worked with a producer who was more famous than everyone put together.”
 Eva Burrows - “Staring us in the face is the desperate plight of the poor. We don't need statistics to tell us that. They are flesh and blood people like ourselves, often out of work, forced out of rented premises, without money and without food.”
 Eva Burrows - “Serenity and inner beauty come when we wait upon God. 'Waiting' like that is not merely wasting time.”
 Julie Burrows - “I never thought of celebrity. I'm just happy it found a home and that maybe people will find beauty and grace in it. ... I hope that it somehow touches them and gives them something they can take away with them. That's the goal of an artist.”
 Saffron Burrows - “Once you get into your stride, the camera becomes like another person in the room. It's like being in a very small theatre where there is no getting away with anything because the audience is centimetres away from you.”
 Saffron Burrows - “I like working on stage because there's something very immediate about it, that interaction with an audience where you immediately hear their reaction, or feel them, whether they're with you.”
 Julie Burrows - “This record is an outcome of our focus on quality content. With editors in the newsroom at partner TV stations, we offer continuously updated, relevant content which has gained the trust of consumers. As our traffic climbs, we continue to attract the attention of blue chip advertisers and interactive agencies looking for innovative ways to reach our highly desirable demographic.”
 Eva Burrows - “People are looking for an answer, and I know that Answer is Jesus Christ.”
 Darryl Burrows - “We made several runs but they had an answer for everyone. I hope that no one underestimates them the rest of the way. They're a good team. They play well together and they do all the things that good teams do. They rebound, they play defense, they shoot.”
 Darryl Burrows - “We were trying not to underestimate them but we might have been looking ahead. Fort Myers can go as far as they want to go.”
 Roger Burrows - “That was a pretty good win for us. It is only a consultancy agreement, but it shows the power of the brand we have established in Australia,”

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