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 Tom Burt - “You don't go to be the president of a research center and get paid 10 million to go interview undergraduates. This makes him the highest paid human resources director in history.”
 Kayla Burt - “It felt like a bomb exploded inside my body, pretty much. And not a small bomb like an M-80 firecracker. I just hope I never feel that again.”
 Tiffany Burt - “We really wanted to come out and beat them after last year. Yeah, that gave us a lot of motivation.”
 Tom Burt - “We are very disappointed with the commission's decision. Ultimately, we will file a lawsuit in Korean court challenging the decision.”
 Tom Burt - “We are pleased that the court recognized the important role non-disclosure agreements play in protecting Microsoft's intellectual property - our most valuable asset.”
 Tom Burt - “We think this is very bad for Korean consumers and very bad for the industry in Korea and for mature innovation. Challenging the decision in Europe in court, we think we are going to win. Challenging this decision in court, we think we are going to win.”
 Tom Burt - “We hope that they'll look at this settlement and see that perhaps this is an appropriate time with everything else that's facing the country to get these issues behind us, as Microsoft is working to do.”
 Tom Burt - “Microsoft is appealing the District Court's preliminary ruling because Microsoft does not believe any preliminary injunction should have been ordered. We are confident that Microsoft has developed the best Java implementation within the terms of our contract with Sun and in the best interests of Java developers and consumers.”
 Kayla Burt - “For people who didn't know the whole story ... it was easy to jump to conclusions and think I'm crazy. But I didn't think it was a dangerous situation. I felt protected.”
 Tom Burt - “As a company that respects intellectual property rights, we are gratified that the court determined that these claims had no merit.”
 Kayla Burt - “Coming to the Hope straight out of college is the best move for me right now in my life as I am simply working with one of my passions.”
 Tom Burt - “While we are confident that Microsoft ultimately will prevail in these lawsuits, we are disappointed that we have missed the opportunity to improve education for disadvantaged children while resolving litigation,”
 Kayla Burt - “It's definitely hard, and it's sad. For this to suddenly happen so quickly and realize I'm done again is very hard. At the same time I feel very calm about it, and feel like I'm prepared.”
 Kayla Burt - “It felt like a bomb exploded inside my body, pretty much. And not a small bomb like an M-80 firecracker. I just hope I never feel that again.”
 Kayla Burt - “It felt like a bomb exploded inside my body, pretty much. And not a small bomb like an M-80 firecracker. I just hope I never feel that again.”
 Kayla Burt - “Coming into my return, I knew that anything (that) happened during the course of my career that involved my heart, I would put my shoes to rest. We did not expect what happened on Thursday night to happen, but it did and it is no longer safe for me to play competitive Division I basketball.”
 Tom Burt - “Sun apparently decided that it no longer likes the deal it made more than a year and a half ago. Sun's suit may make for good PR, but its claims are not grounded in fact or law. We are disappointed that it has come to this, but we have upheld our end of the bargain. Sun has not.”
 Tom Burt - “This agreement marks not only the end of our legal dispute, but more importantly, the beginning of a closer working relationship between our companies.”
 Kayla Burt - “The decision is a mutual agreement between myself, my family, the doctors and the University of Washington.”
 Struther Burt - “Men are failures, not because they are stupid, but because they are not sufficiently impassioned.”
 Dan Brent Burt - “You only get what you plan to do. What you plan to do is where your priorities are. Where your priorities are is where your heart is. Where your heart is you will be effective in building your treasure.”
 Dan Brent Burt - “Rapid technological advancement may produce problems and challenges for business when their products or services are rendered obsolete virtually overnight. The salesman who has properly learned his craft will have transferable skills perfectly adaptable to the emerging technology. The benefit of having transferable skills in such a volatile marketplace is readily apparent. It s insurance against unemployment.”
 Dan Brent Burt - “It s not the technical skills, hard knowledge or intelligence that makes fast track selling professionals effective in their jobs. Most of the time, it is their superior skill in handling people that propels their career, boosts productivity and ensures their job satisfaction.”
 Dan Brent Burt - “Selling is a people business.”
 Dan Brent Burt - “The better your relationships the shorter your sales cycle and the more money you will make.”

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