My Favorite Quotes
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 Bobby Burton - “You're talking about 35 million households who watched the Rose Bowl. That was putting the Longhorns front and center in a lot of future recruits.”
 Robert Burton - “Who cannot give good counsel 'Tis cheap, it costs them nothing”
 Robert Burton - “Health indeed is a precious thing, to recover and preserve which we undergo any misery, drink bitter potions, freely give our goods restore a man to his health, his purse lies open to thee”
 Burton - “He still asks me for a dollar every now and again, ... I still give it to him.”
 Jeff Burton - “We ran mostly right around 10th all day, then the pit crew picked up four spots at the end and got us a sixth. We needed it - a gold solid run with no problems. And the way we've been snake-bit, I was damn glad to see the race end.”
 Jeff Burton - “We had a fast car on the track but we stopped and put on tires and we got too tight. On long runs we were really good. It was a solid day for us. We were our best when it counted and that is a good thing.”
 Jeremy Burton - “The race is on between technology companies to get a complete XML solution stack in place and form those strategic partnerships with big vendors in each industry that help you standardize the doc formats. Once you've got that, you are in a good position to start driving the standard because you've got the big players.”
 Dan Burton - “It's a great day for Indiana. The hard work at all levels of federal, state and local government has paid off.”
 Mike Warburton - “There's an awful amount of uncertainty. Consumers won't be sure where they stand. This Government simply doesn't like trusts and means to put a stop to them.”
 David Burton - “Japan's recovery is really firmly based and it is driven by domestic demand. For the rest of Asia, the pace of growth is expected to continue at a decent level this year and next.”
 David Burton - “What leads to higher growth in the short-run could lead to difficulties in the medium term.”
 Ben Halliburton - “Earnings growth for the SP 500 continues to be robust, and could end up beating north of 10 percent for the year.”
 Tina Burton - “They're hanging their heads. They wanted it. They weren't totally convinced it would work.”
 Kevin Burton - “I hate the term 'match' because I want to 'better' people. But in terms of intensity, we couldn't even match them until it was 32-8. Georgetown was dialed in at every facet of the game tonight.”
 Burton - “By and large, however, we have not found profound negative health impacts to the rest of the population in surrounding areas, nor widespread contamination,”
 John Burton - “One guy just hangs on the horn as he blows through the city. This is not only a quality of life but a health issue.”
 Robert Burton - “One was never married and that's his hell another is, and that's his plague”
 Jeff Burton - “It's frustrating as hell. I don't think I could drive any smarter than that and I still get wrecked. I guess I'm better off being stupid.”
 John Burton - “There is definite interest. Nothing is cast in stone, but there's a hope.”
 Jeff Burton - “The first thing you do when you're in a streak like we've been in is you hide all the bullets in your house.”
 John Burton - “He flew in with his son and got out limping. I asked if he was OK, and he said 'Yeah, I hurt my foot. No big deal.' He gave a beautiful address standing for more than an hour, and then stood and shook hands with everyone who wanted to speak with him.”
 Kenny Burton - “It's tough for the officials to see it, but it's a shame. The sad part about it is that he gets hurt on something like that. It's sad to mess up his high school career. Of course, Aaron has another one somewhere.”
 Robert Burton - “Idleness is an appendix to nobility”
 Bobby Burton - “It's almost impossible to capitalize on your success when you don't have that many scholarships. Plus, many of the scholarships were filled before they won the Sugar Bowl. I think you'll see them use that Sugar Bowl win more this coming year in recruiting.”
 Burton - “The most recent testimony seems to be an admission that Microsoft set up the browser to knock off Netscape rather than an attempt to improve the browser,”

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