My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Burtt - “I tried to break my fall. Me and him were falling toward the ground, and as I grabbed him, I guess he thought I was grabbing him in an aggressive way and he tried to get aggressive, and he made us fall. I didn't want to let go because I didn't know what he'd do if I let go because he was really aggressive. I didn't mean to.”
 Steve Burtt - “You could say a lot of things, but they beat us to every punch. They didn't play us 1-on-1. Every time I got the ball it was a team effort.”
 Steve Burtt - “They're a tough team and come out hard and play every night. They know how much (Anderson) meant to them, and they step up. They're the same team without him.”
 Steve Burtt - “This was one of those nights where every shot feels good, even the misses. I felt that way the entire night.”
 Steve Burtt - “But we're not going to let them beat us by just standing still. We're going to make them work.”
 Steve Burtt - “That's the reality of it. We don't talk about it but it's in the back of our heads. We know we're parting ways.”
 Steve Burtt - “That was the driving force. That was in all of our heads and we wanted to prove a point and end that curse.”
 Steve Burtt - “With time you get to know somebody. You get to know their movements and you get to know where they're going to be. We're all comfortable with each other shooting, driving and making decisions on the court, and that helps us a lot.”
 Steve Burtt - “It is hard playing for him. He does ask a lot of us but he knows what we are capable of doing. We just have to go out and prove it to him.”
 Steve Burtt - “We still have unfinished business. We still feel like we have something to prove.”
 Steve Burtt - “The bridge is closing between major and mid-major schools. In recent years kids are more talented, not that they weren't before, but kids are much more talented coming out of the mid-major schools. Major schools underestimate that and that's why you have more upsets.”
 Steve Burtt - “We're like a family, us four. Brothers. It's not just basketball with us. We all hang out together. We come to practice together, we leave together, sort of do everything together. We include each other in everything we do.”
 Steve Burtt - “It's just hard-nosed. Basketball with an attitude, so to speak.”