My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Buscemi - “They're not supposed to show prison films in prison. Especially ones that are about escaping.”
 Steve Buscemi - “The director I had most involvement with was Alex Rockwell. He gave me a lot of responsibility as an actor.”
 Steve Buscemi - “Quentin was so passionate and enthusiastic about what he was doing that it touched us all. We really wanted to do a good job for him.”
 Steve Buscemi - “On big films there is a lot of pressure on the director, because they have so much money. The way I approach it as an actor is pretty much the same.”
 Steve Buscemi - “My real training as an actor was when I started doing theatre.”
 Steve Buscemi - “It wasn't until my senior year in high school that I started acting.”
 Steve Buscemi - “It doesn't matter what part I play, I try and commit myself 100 percent.”
 Steve Buscemi - “It doesn't matter to me what the genre is.”
 Steve Buscemi - “It doesn't matter so much where the material comes from, as long as it's good.”
 Steve Buscemi - “I was going to buy a van and move to LA so I could secretly pursue acting without any of my friends knowing.”
 Steve Buscemi - “I usually get freaked out if I'm in a situation where a lot of people recognise me at once.”
 Steve Buscemi - “I talked with Quentin about where the character came from, and he told me Kansas City. I don't know how somebody talks from Kansas City, so I made him from New York.”
 Steve Buscemi - “I never made a daring rescue, which is the story people want to hear. I did go to my share of fires.”
 Steve Buscemi - “I don't really consider myself a writer. Trees Lounge was really hard for me to write. Right know it's more important to keep directing.”
 Steve Buscemi - “I didn't really like the aloneness of doing stand-up.”
 Steve Buscemi - “I did stand-up. I loved George Carlin and Steve Martin.”
 Steve Buscemi - “Directing television is really hard - it's so fast. You shoot an hour show in seven days.”
 Steve Buscemi - “Anything you write, even if you have to start over, is valuable. I let the story write itself through the characters.”
 Steve Buscemi - “I don't tend to think of these characters as losers. I like the struggles that people have, people who are feeling like they don't fit into society, because I still sort of feel that way.”
 Steve Buscemi - “In the beginning, it wasn't even a question of deciding I'm going to do independent film and not commercial films - I wasn't being offered any commercial films, and there wasn't an independent scene.”
 Steve Buscemi - “What was frustrating about Armageddon was the time I spent not doing anything. It was a big special effects film, and I wasn't crazy about pretending I was in outer space. It feels ridiculous.”
 Steve Buscemi - “creativity and independent vision.”
 Steve Buscemi - “I'm terrible at story and structure, but I'm not so bad at writing dialogue.”
 Steve Buscemi - “I was very surprised that for a while I could only get cast as straight. It was that way for a few years.”
 Steve Buscemi - “My favorite review described me as the cinematic equivalent of junk mail.”

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