My Favorite Quotes
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 Shaun Busick - “In reality, I'm pleased with where the program's at. At the beginning, I seriously wondered if we'd win two, four games. These kids had one of the toughest adjustments of any team in the state. They've done a good job adjusting to a new style and system.”
 Shaun Busick - “Danny really had the hot hand. He's had some big nights like this. We did a nice job of finding him and getting him the ball.”
 Shaun Busick - “They (Merrillville) wear you down physically, which eventually hurts your mental approach. We gave up too much middle penetration at the end, which led to them getting inside looks or fouled.”
 Shaun Busick - “It's the nature of the beast with a young team. Some nights they're ready to play. Other nights, we don't get off to a good start or we don't finish well. The bottom line was, Portage just had more of a sense of urgency.”
 Shaun Busick - “That's going to change. We will play with a big sense of urgency. We're going in with the feeling that we're the underdog and are going to have to play very good to beat them.”
 Shaun Busick - “It wasn't a good fit at all, that's all I can say. It wasn't a good fit for my family and I. It was not a good fit for the basketball program.”
 Shaun Busick - “Kyle's a guy who doesn't get a lot of notoriety, but he does the little things that make a solid basketball team.”