My Favorite Quotes
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 Colleen Butler - “We have constellation prizes for all of the games. No one will go away empty handed.”
 Amanda Butler - “Theyre an outstanding team. I have a lot of respect for them. Shoot, they won 24 games. ... That freshmen class has grown up and done big things.”
 Caron Butler - “Right now we're winning games. That's all that matters.”
 Kim Butler - “We're going in with high hopes. We're going to give them great games we're going to compete, come back and be relentless with them.”
 Stan Butler - “It's like Scott and I each took a seed and planted it in a garden. There's nothing more we'd like than to see those seeds grow into a championship.”
 Roger Butler - “He sits there with a lot of lino and a very sharp little chisel and cuts out those incredibly detailed little lines and gouge marks. That's really taking it back to the processes of German Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer, a simple technique that makes very complex images.”
 Joseph Butler - “Sir, the pretending to extraordinary revelations and gifts of the Holy Ghost is a horrid thing, a very horrid thing”
 Michael Butler - “The Haunting of Winchester reaches beyond the pure ghost story. Appropriate to a woman who lived in her artwork and never received a single guest (even Teddy Roosevelt was denied), the story explores a woman's inward journey and her dealings with issues like personal responsibility. As she becomes more aware of the rifle's legacy, ... she becomes more self-aware, and so she begins to transform, to renovate herself really, not just her house.”
 Caron Butler - “Coach is a player's coach, ... He gets real involved in what's going on, so I had to give him a little high-five.”
 Peter Butler - “I remember I asked Margaret, 'Well, is there anything I specifically do Should I give Byron a tour of the course'”
 Leonard Butler - “We don't have a Russell Westbrook or a Jon Reed (of Peninsula) or an Alex Tucker (of Redondo) -- we have a bunch of young men playing their hearts out but who are without a lot of size. Our biggest guy is 6-foot-3, and that makes it tough. Everyone's bigger. We just have to play hard and give them a game.”
 Jeff Butler - “When it's done it will be better, but there will be some give and take. There will be some shuffling but I don't see a lot of drastic changes.”
 Richard Butler - “I earnestly believe that those documents exist and they're in the possession of the government of Iraq, and they can choose to give them to us.”
 James Butler - “He got paralyzed. I figured we should give him something.”
 Terry Butler - “To appreciate it, you would have to see the before and after pictures. We work as a team. We give it our best and try to keep everybody happy.”
 Michael Butler - “He's taking his golf clubs, just in case.”
 Frank Butler - “A golf course is nothing but a pool room moved outdoors.”
 Lamar Butler - “He has very good timing and I think that comes from playing other sports.”
 Joe Butler - “This year's class is not that good. You wouldn't believe the players from that class. Some of them were just flops. It's a thin year, with a capital T. There's a lot of free agents.”
 Denny Butler - “That was a good group and these guys have played in their shadows since they were in Mustang and Bronco. They're not in anybody's shadow any longer everyone around them is in their shadow now. We'll see how they react and so far they've been doing well.”
 Samuel Butler - “One who is proud of ancestry is like a turnip there is nothing good of him but that which is underground”
 Kim Butler - “I feel like we executed our offense but still came up empty. It's not good enough. and we're not satisfied.”
 Caron Butler - “It felt real good. I got my legs under me, I followed through, I really wanted that shot. Chucky did a great job of finding me, and it just fell a little short.”
 Andy Butler - “They probably haven't gone far enough, but it's a good start.”
 Stan Butler - “He's very fast, very skilled and very strong. I thinks he's a good pick at No. 14.”

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