My Favorite Quotes
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 Amy Butte - “From my point of view, these strong fundamentals prove the bears are wrong.”
 Amy Butte - “I would now like to combine my experiences and lead a forward-looking, growth-minded organization.”
 Amy Butte - “This shows they can continue to spend money and produce earnings.”
 Amy Butte - “There is definitely increased disclosure and discussion about the topic these days. Once companies are rewarded by the market for socially responsible investments, a virtuous cycle will kick off.”
 Amy Butte - “UBS gets one of the top-flight U.S. high net worth distribution systems. PaineWebber gets a global platform, by which it can continue to pursue its high net worth retail business.”
 Amy Butte - “PaineWebber is an attractive target for a few reasons. Most importantly the high net worth business. Second, it does have institutional presence. And third, you have very little crossover, meaning it is easy to find synergies in this type of a transaction.”