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 Jeanne Butterfield - “It smells of political pandering. We have no problem with strong border protections, but anyone who thinks you can have immigration reform starting with just border protections has their head in the sand.”
 Jeanne Butterfield - “I would call on him to be honest and say that's what's happening.”
 Paul Butterfield - “They want to create rather than decimate.”
 Paul Butterfield - “I think I'm better than all the people who are trying to reform me.”
 Paul Butterfield - “I guess if you stay around long enough, they can't get rid of you.”
 Paul Butterfield - “A lot of people relate me to the blues but I don't think it's a hindrance at this point. I've been doing it long enough that I can do different things and be accepted.”
 Mike Butterfield - “We are playing better as a team right now, and we are giving more effort all the way through. We've always had the effort in practices, but at times, we haven't played as hard as we could in games. Right now, the kids are playing awfully hard in the games.”
 Mike Butterfield - “I think things got a little tough in the second period when it got a little physical. Some of our guys went in a little shell and didn't want to get hit or didn't get hit. They just plain outplayed us today.”
 Brian Butterfield - “They all really feed off each other. Johnny has been around the block, and they're able to watch him from close up. Johnny, besides being a very good fielder, is very sound fundamentally. So they're able to emulate him and follow things that he does. I've been pleased that they've been down here and are working their tails off.”
 Bruce Butterfield - “It holds moisture and suppresses weeds.”
 Mike Butterfield - “I didn't know what in the world we were going to do. This all happened so fast.”
 Jeanne Butterfield - “If you are told that your spouse or minor child cannot be here for the next six or seven years because of the backlog, that's an incentive for them to get here illegally.”
 Brian Butterfield - “It's the best staff I've been around. Sometimes the X's and O's are overrated, but the people -- that's what counts. We have top-quality people in that coaching room, and it all starts with the manager. I think every one of the coaches wants to go right through a wall for him. He treats you fairly, he treats you great, and it rubs off on all the other coaches that are here.”
 Brian Butterfield - “It's completely different than shortstop. Your back is to the runner, and the footwork is almost the exact opposite.”
 Brian Butterfield - “I thought that we played, after the first couple nights, I thought that we made great plays up the middle -- great plays. We've played consistently and they were aware of everything that was going on.”
 Brian Butterfield - “They sincerely like each other and learn from each other. I think they like the challenge of being in the middle of things and being a part of what we're doing.”
 Mike Butterfield - “Interesting city we live in.”
 Brian Butterfield - “That was a tremendous play. Troy has been solid at third base.”
 Brian Butterfield - “I don't know how often it happens. But I hate to see, at any time during the season, where we give away an out or fail to make a play that we assumed everybody knew what they were doing.”
 Brian Butterfield - “What's really pleasing is that I went over to the field the other day where they were working, and I got to see him turn a double play from second base. He was really good. He's obviously been down here working hard.”
 Brian Butterfield - “I think our turf takes some adjusting just because sometimes the ball will hit and it'll go East or West. Sometimes it'll hit and stick and sometimes it'll hit and accelerate on the next hop. It's very unpredictable. I think we play on one of the more difficult surfaces in the American League.”
 Brian Butterfield - “That was tremendous. Without a doubt that was a turning point in the game. He's been a key guy in the middle of some defensive plays. Right now he's doing well, but I can't get too excited because there's still a lot of work to do.”
 Brian Butterfield - “One of the things that we're hoping for is that they have some success out of the chute. Whenever a young player has some success in a certain phase of the game it kind of becomes contagious. Then they play with a little more confidence.”
 Brian Butterfield - “Every time that I stretched him out a little further than his comfort zone you could see a little more of a limp. He's a little tentative right now, but so far so good.”
 Brian Butterfield - “We didn't stretch him out too far. Every time I stretched him out a little bit further than his comfort zone, you could see there was a little bit of a limp. ... We're still a ways away, just because of the nature of the position where you stop and start so much.”

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