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 Jenson Button - “We had a positive weekend in Turkey and I'm sure we can improve our pace and have a competitive weekend in Monza.”
 Dick Button - “That's what really makes great skating competitions. When you have two top skaters in good form giving superb performances.”
 Dick Button - “They were two halves that together formed a magical whole.”
 Merlin Button - “I thought that was the real break in the game. The real point that made a difference.”
 Jenson Button - “I'm still shaking with the excitement. It was a very hectic session, it was mad for us. Trying to get a lap time in was very difficult but we managed it.”
 Jenson Button - “Testing went really well this week, particularly taking into account the lack of running time in the mornings. I completed a lot of laps as we are focusing mainly on tire testing and reliability work at the moment.”
 Jenson Button - “Davidson did a very good job today. He let us know the best tire to use in particular conditions and to optimize the speed. I hope we can use this information to get the best results in the qualifying session and in the race.”
 Jenson Button - “It's fantastic to be back on the podium and I have to thank the team for their incredibly hard work to get us back into the game here. The first stint of the race wasn't easy. I had such bad oversteer I barely had to turn into the corners At the first stop we adjusted the front wing which made things better but we were a little too optimistic in switching to drys so we had to come in again and change back to wets. Double stinting the tyres really made all the difference for us though. I have to thank the entire team and Michelin for making this result possible. The pitstops were great and the Honda engine was faultless all weekend. We have some new developments for the next few races so I'm feeling really positive. Let's hope we have a few more days like today before the end of the season.”
 Jenson Button - “It's going to be tough for the drivers and engine, its never easy to race in this circuit. It will be very hot and very humid, I think we are very well prepared for tomorrow.”
 Merlin Button - “If our big players can play well, I think that could be a problem for them. If they don't play so well, I think we're in trouble. That's where the mismatch is.”
 Jenson Button - “We just have to wait and see tomorrow. We are reasonably happy that we have solved some our issues but maybe the others are running very big fuel loads. Tomorrow is the important day.”
 Jenson Button - “As for beautiful women, I think there are many,...”
 Dick Button - “It's going to be more fun than anything for me because for once we'll be able to say what we want. We'll be able to really applaud the skaters. We'll be able to cry with what we see has gone wrong.”
 Jenson Button - “The team has done a fantastic job to get us on the front row of the grid and I have to thank them for that. Things were looking a lot less positive yesterday when we were really struggling to find a good set-up. A lot of hard work was done overnight and tomorrow looks promising, but let's wait and see. This is always a tough race but I'm certainly looking forward to it.”
 Jenson Button - “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the Team, at Honda and our tyre partner Michelin for their support over the past three years. The effort that has gone into building this team into what it is today has been relentless. It's been a privilege to be a part of BAR Honda and I am delighted that I will be part of its future. I look forward to achieving our next goal - our first win together - in the very near future.”
 Dick Button - “I do find some of the costumes sometimes are over the top. You almost feel you've been trapped in a windmill in the Metropolitan Opera House costume department.”
 Jenson Button - “I have no particular affinity with any number -- other than one of course, which I hope to race with enormous pride when I achieve my goal of winning the world championship,”
 Dick Button - “It also includes music, choreography, what kind of expression are they bringing onto it”
 Dick Button - “It's beautiful theater. It has everything going for it. I mean music and choreography and . . . beautiful girls. It's an elegant, wonderful sport.”
 Jenson Button - “Not a bad first day. Having said that it's disappointing that we couldn't achieve as much data as we'd hoped for after losing all of the morning session. The track conditions are quite different to those we encountered in testing here three weeks ago so we have some work to do this evening with today's data in order to keep improving for qualifying.”
 Jenson Button - “It will be sort of a motivational speech. I'm sure everyone needs it. Hopefully it will make the difference.”
 Jenson Button - “Today's result was obviously a disappointing way to end the season. We lost out under the first safety car when we pitted and the safety car was in front of us. It should have waved us past but it didn't. Montoya and I sat behind it and it was then that I lost about three places. But my thoughts are already turning to 2006 and I think we have a lot to look forward to.”
 Jenson Button - “With Kimi ten places back it helps us a little bit but even so I think he can still come through from 11th on the grid. It's just nice to be near to the front and hopefully if we have a reasonably good strategy we can keep it there.”
 Jenson Button - “I think that the way this car works doesn't suit his style and he's taken a little bit of time to get used to it, but the strange thing is that over the winter he was very competitive. It seems that when the conditions are hotter he is struggling a bit more with the car - and that shows that the car is not where we wanted it to be or where we expected it to be for these first two races of the season. It shows we need to make steps forward in a couple of places...”
 Jenson Button - “We can now put the uncertainty of the past few months behind us and focus on the future, which looks very exciting indeed. We have made no secret of the fact that we wanted Jenson Button to remain with BAR-Honda for the next few years and that we considered Jenson and Rubens to be our dream line-up for 2006 and beyond,”

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