My Favorite Quotes
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 George Butts - “We were kind of cold in the first half, couldn't get our rhythm. We had a lot of good looks at the basket, we just couldn't knock them down.”
 Donald Butts - “I didn't want to be at just one hospital. There would surely be enough general surgery, but in the colonrectal surgery it was an advantage to go to hospital to hospital so we could get in on all the big, interesting cases.”
 George Butts - “They were pretty good. Their size was a little bigger than I thought. It hurt us inside. Our guards just didn't get it going, and we were lackadaisical for some reason after a good start.”
 Jeff Butts - “It's all right. It helps rejuvenate you. But at the same time, you want to keep working on things.”
 Tom Butts - “It was a very well-played first half. We played tough defensively. The shots they had, our goalie was there. They are a good team and have a lot of weapons and keep coming.”
 Donald Butts - “A surgery residency is five years, whereas, before you had an internship which you did a rotating internship and then decided and went into your residency. Or, if you wanted to back then, you could go into general practice.”
 Donald Butts - “When I moved out here, they told me they were building a hospital down the road I was one of the original staff members.”
 Greg Butts - “I sent out an e-mail yesterday that people who fled the storm to lodges and cabins get to stay. People like you and me who still have a place to stay but who had a reservation at the park will get a gift certificate, or a room at another state park. I don't think that will be a problem with anyone who has an ounce of humanity in his bones.”
 George Butts - “Those two, without a doubt, have been the two best players in the area this season. They both have the total package.”
 Donald Butts - “People like to talk to their doctor. They don't just like to come in and be treated like a number, they like to talk to their doctor. If you talk to the patients, then you can get them to relax. Coming to see a colonrectal doctor, especially if you know you are going to have your anus examined, it's even worse than seeing a dentist.”
 George Butts - “Aisha Gillis is a sophomore, and I think she is one of the top five guards in the state of Florida. She plays both ends of the floor. She could have 30-point nights, but she gives up the ball and she plays defense as well as she plays offense.”
 Greg Butts - “This corporation is truly an example of corporate partnership and we are truly thankful for their support over the years and if it were not for them some of our events may not have been produced or would not have been as successful were it not for Arkansas Steel Associates.”
 Donald Butts - “I always tell people 'I'll get you in the end,' and if your last name's Butts, you have to be careful naming your children. You can't name your boy Harry, and you can't name your girl Rosie.”
 Donald Butts - “Everybody needs to eat a high fiber diet. Most people who come in here with problems about constipation eat no breakfast. They start their day wrong, when they should start the day with a Raisin Bran, or some sort of high fiber cereal. Then, they need to get their exercise and drink plenty of water.”
 Tom Butts - “Our panel of editors and columnists walked the show floor in search of innovative and ground-breaking new products. The products we selected made the cut-they demonstrated their ability to help advance the acquisition and dissemination of entertainment media in each category reviewed.”
 Butts - “Build a little fence of trust around today, Fill the space with loving deeds and therein stay Look not through the sheltering bars upon tomorrow, God will help thee bear what come of joy, or sorrow.”