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 Stephen Byers - “We have the investigators on site as they are at the moment and they will give me their preliminary findings as soon as possible.”
 Brook Byers - “This new fund addresses the immediate requirement for the science, pharmaceutical, and government sectors to close significant gaps in global public health preparedness.”
 John Byers - “There are many more growers in the valley who grow grass seed but do not burn.”
 Michael Byers - “Hercules has an exceptional track record of financing emerging growth, high technology companies, and we're delighted to have them as our partner. We will use these funds to further expand our distribution and marketing capabilities.”
 John Byers - “We sparked a new industry. Straw all of a sudden became a valuable commodity.”
 Brook Byers - “Over a three-year period we'll look to invest the fund in roughly 40 companies across a set of industry sectors that include mobile computing, Web-enabled software, biotech, medical devices, semiconductors, and then an area that we are highlighting this time that we call green tech, which is new energy sources and things like that.”
 Stephen Byers - “All of our thoughts must be with the families and friends of those who have been killed or injured today in this tragic accident.”
 Brook Byers - “We're concerned and alarmed by the lack of innovation in this area. There are very few manufacturers of vaccines today, and the plants are not distributed widely.”
 John Byers - “We had great mixing heights. We had great pressure gradients. We had great wind direction - and so we burned a lot of acres. Unfortunately, it failed us at the critical moment.”
 David Byers - “They all appeared to be in perfect health. My father was 69 ..., but one of my partners was 51 and the other was 34. None of them had any 'known' history of heart problems, ... I thought it might be worth spending a little bit of money to be able to know exactly what's going on with my health.”
 David Byers - “Like everybody else, I've got people who depend on me, and if I've got a serious health problem, I need to know about it,”
 Brook Byers - “We will invest in companies developing fundamentally new platforms for detection, prevention and treatment of global, pathogenic infectious diseases. More than 15 million people worldwide die each year from infectious diseases. Over one third of the world's population lacks access to essential drugs. This new fund addresses the immediate requirement for the science, pharmaceutical, and government sectors to close significant gaps in global public health preparedness.”
 Stephen Byers - “I am concerned about the possible effects on this developing market of the reduction in the number of cable operators from three to two,”
 Mike Byers - “The report is false. All of the morning flights (over the southern zone) were uneventful.”
 Mike Byers - “That picture was taken at 827 a.m., May 18, 1980.”
 Stephen Byers - “We will provide a right for parents to request to work flexible hours when their child is young.”
 David Byers - “The judge took a good opportunity to review the evidence and listen to the testimony and made the right decision.”
 Michael Byers - “The criticism has been that the resolutions were not even-handed and that Israel was singled out for more criticism more often than the Palestinians were.”
 Dave Byers - “We've played good zone all year. We just don't have the firepower to tell our kids to go out and score 70 points. That's not our deal. We're going to play ball-control. We're going to control tempo and get good, high-percentage shots. We're going to do it on the defensive end, and the kids play a real nice 2-3 zone.”
 Stephen Byers - “These measures should restore consumer confidence and bring certainty to the market,”
 Stephen Byers - “The proposed merger...might result in a substantial lessening of competition,”
 Mike Byers - “Our service area for the chamber is a 10-mile radius of Humble, and I've said over and over that people like to shop and trade with people they know. I truly believe that if you need a product or a service, you can find it in the service area of the chamber, and if you can't, then we need to find those folks and get them into our community.”
 Mike Byers - “We think the Squatty Lyons Clinic is very important to our community and we have no agenda other than to work to keep the clinic in our area.”
 Mike Byers - “This is such a great opportunity and a prime example of what our community leaders and the Humble Area Chamber of Commerce can accomplish.”
 David Byers - “All landscape needs can be met by one of the various crapemyrtle. They can serve as shade trees, large enough for a child's small swing, or a singing spot of color in the drab yard of a factory or warehouse,”

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