My Favorite Quotes
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 Earnest Byner - “People think it's crazy -- I'm not going to compare him to this guy -- but what I felt with him at that workout was similar to something I felt with Jamal when I was with Baltimore. When he ran past me, the thought of Jamal came to me, just like that.”
 Earnest Byner - “He's a smart guy, who hates with a passion being corrected. He has a lot of pride in everything he does and pass protection is one of the things he really, really prides himself on. The other thing he really loves is throwing the ball.”
 Earnest Byner - “We tell our backs to just get on the back hip of that guy on those pulling plays and just ride it out. Randy does an excellent job of that. There were a couple of times where he's actually been looking back over his shoulder to say, 'Hey, where are you, baby Come on Come on' We love to see that and we love to execute those kinds of plays.”