My Favorite Quotes
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 Amanda Bynes - “Every person is so different and I don't think there is an exact match for every person. If you meet someone and they have 20 of the 25 things you want in a person, then you're pretty lucky.”
 Amanda Bynes - “I get a script and it's really interesting with scripts, because you never really know. It's paper and it could be great or awful. Even scripts that are good could end up not working.”
 Amanda Bynes - “I'm the type of person who believes that everything happens for a reason and at the time that it's supposed to.”
 Amanda Bynes - “They realize that we're poking fun at the stereotype, ... I've talked with several British people and interviewers, and they all had a really positive take on the movie. I think that they're confident enough in themselves. Everybody seems to be enjoying it.”
 Amanda Bynes - “I'm so protected in my Nickelodeon bubble and What I Like About You. It's all pretty much the same people I've worked with and it was pretty protected.”
 Amanda Bynes - “I don't like being compared to anyone or being in a class with someone. I'm a teen actress and therefore I'm competing against Hilary Duff. We're different people like everyone else.”
 Amanda Bynes - “I remember people saying that they brought cousins or people to the set and they had no idea that was me. So, that was really cool. I was proud that we fooled people.”
 Amanda Bynes - “People have a preconceived notion about who I am and it's interesting. It's like picking who you want to win for the Oscars and not seeing the movie.”
 Amanda Bynes - “We try to magnify the difference between Americans and the English. In real life they like the same music and dress the same. It's really much more similar than anyone thinks or how we show it.”
 Amanda Bynes - “I loved Clueless. That was one of my favorite movies of all time.”
 Amanda Bynes - “I think you have to embrace being a role model because you are in the public eye, and whether you like it or not, people are going to be affected by you positively or negatively, ... Public-wise, I really wouldn't do anything that would be detrimental to anybody else or to myself. And to a certain extent, I try to watch out and try not to do anything that would be bad for kids to see.”
 Amanda Bynes - “Everybody wants to be liked, fit in and make people laugh. I think we're not that different.”
 Amanda Bynes - “I really enjoy acting, and whether it's TV or films, I feel lucky to be doing it at all, ... In the end, I'd love to do films, but I'm not going to work just to do work. I only want to do something that I feel right about.”
 Amanda Bynes - “I think that the most important lesson is to be yourself, and that you can't change yourself for anyone else, ... I think a lot of girls try to do that for their boyfriends or their parents, so that's a strong message in this film.”
 Amanda Bynes - “Going to another country you're not in your house, you're with people you've never met before, and I think it's definitely a good growing experience.”
 Amanda Bynes - “I know who I am supposed to be with. I'm just waiting until the time is right. I know what i want. I want to be so sure of everything in my life and be so good on my own that someone just comes in to compliment it. I want somebody who is happy. I don't want to meet someone who needs me. I want someone who is good on his own.”
 Amanda Bynes - “I did theater before I got into TV and everything I did was serious, so it was definitely fun for me to pull out those chops, ... I definitely wanted to do a movie that just wasn't comedy.”
 Amanda Bynes - “I definitely want to go to college, but I can't make any major decisions right now, ... When I'm at that point, I'll just see how I'm doing. If I have a couple of movies lined up, then I'll put it off a few months. People go to college to figure out what they want to do, and it seems silly to turn down work, for me, at least.”
 Amanda Bynes - “So many people comment that I'm much more mature than average. In this business, you can get taken advantage of if you're not aware and you're not tough.”
 Amanda Bynes - “That always baffles me. I think young girls look up to people who are older than they are, because you're always looking ahead.”