My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Byrne - “It looks like the gold and oil prices are down, so we will probably give a little back.”
 David Byrne - “The operators are not button-pushers, ... It's a give and take with the performers. In my work, technology is a performer.”
 Chris Byrne - “I'm seeing a lot of electronics. I think a good portion of them are stupid.”
 Tim Byrne - “They seem to run harder when they have a baton in their hand.”
 Robert Byrne - “Anyone who believes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach flunked geography”
 Patrick Byrne - “We've had a nice holiday season, just not as nice a season as we've had in the past or as I'd hoped for.”
 James O'Byrne - “That's when I realized my house was gone.”
 Robert Byrne - “Properties that are undervalued get pushed up to value or above because there will be more than one person interested. Once buyers get drawn into a negotiation, they get focused on winning the house and often lose track of the price they pay.”
 John Byrne - “John Byrne, IM's CEO, stated, Most corporate actions software contains only very limited tax functionality, leaving institutions to develop extensive manual procedures to minimise taxation of cross-border income. However, withholding tax optimization has been rapidly increasing in importance for investors and we have recently been asked by several clients to develop a more sophisticated set of services into our converg-e and CAMA products. ... We are already in discussions with several of our clients to hook up to this new service which we believe will provide them with operational efficiency as well as a significant market advantage.”
 Peter Byrne - “The financials have had a good run the past couple of days. The tax ruling (on income trusts) has got people thinking that there is some value in financials.”
 Gerry Byrne - “Most of the other awards, quite honestly, they're more inside the industry, ... This is meant to reach out and touch the consumers.”
 Chris Byrne - “Star Wars' is a 20-year-old brand. When the next 'Star Wars' movie comes out, there's going to be much more interest in the product.”
 Gerry Byrne - “We want to use television in a way that will provide a different understanding of the value of books and authors and hopefully ignite general interest in reading more.”
 Tom Byrne - “There is interest all around the state for Tony Comes' story,”
 Chris Byrne - “If you're from a city like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, you've most likely heard jazz. You might not have heard jazz if you're from a rural area.”
 Chris Byrne - “What we're really trying to do is to be an integral part of the Pennsylvania jazz scene.”
 Steve Byrne - “That's almost guaranteed to get a laugh.”
 David Byrne - “When we started, a lot of bands sounded really different from one another.”
 David Byrne - “The Heads were the only band on that scene that had a groove.”
 David Byrne - “That's the thing about pictures they seduce you.”
 David Byrne - “That's the one for my tombstone... Here lies David Byrne. Why the big suit”
 David Byrne - “I'm guarded I don't talk much.”
 David Byrne - “I'd like to be known for more than being the guy in the big suit.”
 David Byrne - “I wanted to be a secret agent and an astronaut, preferably at the same time.”
 David Byrne - “I had demons and felt socially inept.”

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