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 Josh Byrnes - “We like Jason Bulger. But we think the way our staff sets up now, one of the strengths is the depth. Cutting him is something we debated, but you have to give up something to get something.”
 Josh Byrnes - “I'm excited that we were able to bring Miguel Batista back to the Valley, where he truly established himself during his first stint here, while also adding a Gold Glove infielder in Orlando Hudson.”
 Eric Byrnes - “He's a good pitcher that's got electrifying stuff. He throws in the upper 90s and has an unbelievable slider. I think he's a great pickup for us. I'm very excited to have him.”
 Josh Byrnes - “I hate to do too much of a diagnosis without talking to everyone. I think there are some pitching needs. There were some positive steps at the end with the bullpen getting settled. But defending your own turf is a big issue. Winning at home and doing better at home are important things.”
 Josh Byrnes - “The doctors spoke and we're comfortable with the information.”
 James F. Byrnes - “We intend to continue our interest in the affairs of Europe and of the world.”
 James F. Byrnes - “We favor the economic unification of Germany. If complete unification cannot be secured, we shall do everything in our power to secure the maximum possible unification.”
 James F. Byrnes - “The conditions which now exist in Germany make it impossible for industrial production to reach the levels which the occupying powers agreed were essential for a minimum German peacetime economy.”
 James F. Byrnes - “Provision was also made for the distribution of Germany's foreign assets among the Allies.”
 James F. Byrnes - “Most of the victims of Nazi aggression were before the war less well off than Germany. They should not be expected by Germany to bear, unaided, the major costs of Nazi aggression.”
 James F. Byrnes - “Important as economic unification is for the recovery of Germany and of Europe, the German people must recognize that the basic cause of their suffering and distress is the war which the Nazi dictatorship brought upon the world.”
 James F. Byrnes - “I have come to Germany to learn at first hand the problems involved in the reconstruction of Germany and to discuss with our representatives the views of the United States Government as to some of the problems confronting us.”
 James F. Byrnes - “German militarism and Nazism have devastated twice in our generation the lands of German neighbors.”
 Pat Byrnes - “I think the Big Foot staff is headed in the right direction. I think it's time for somebody to step up to the plate.”
 Josh Byrnes - “He absolutely knows what he wants. He's very direct and to the point. He is certainly the best GM in my lifetime, and maybe of all time.”
 Eric Byrnes - “I go all out. And I'm going to bring that to the table every day, in good times and bad times.”
 Eric Byrnes - “Dribblers Flores said Sacramento's charge into the playoffs was fueled by a dominant starting rotation, but the River Cats are heading for the postseason on fumes. Starters Dan Meyer, Seth Etherton, Ryan Glynn and John Rheinecker are all currently injured. ... Orioles outfielder Eric Byrnes, who was traded from the A's in July, snapped an 0-for-15 slide against his former team Friday night with a bunt single in the seventh inning. First bunt single of my career, ... Desperate measures for desperate times. If the situation calls for it, I'll do it again, too.”
 Josh Byrnes - “I think there's strength in numbers. And I think that we've covered ourselves with the rotation just by virtue of the fact that there's strength in numbers.”
 Bob Byrnes - “I haven't heard a word.”
 James F. Byrnes - “The German people were not denied, however, the possibility of improving their lot by hard work over the years. Industrial growth and progress were not denied them.”
 Josh Byrnes - “We had a need, and we hope it's filled for several years now.”
 Jim Byrnes - “I've been coming here seven or eight years. It's more cost effective for me.”
 Josh Byrnes - “He's fit in. He's mature beyond his years both physically and mentally. He's got a little pop. He's impressive. We didn't expect him to come in here and be overwhelmed by it.”
 Eric Byrnes - “We're not exactly the team that we were a couple of years ago.”
 James F. Byrnes - “We have helped to organize the United Nations. We believe it will stop aggressor nations from starting wars. Because we believe it, we intend to support the United Nations organization with all the power and resources we possess.”

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