My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Cabana - “That's two months without a win. It was awful. It was hell. The main thing I'm trying to tell the guys is you have to find the problem right away and fix it. Because if you don't fix it, the next thing you know it's four games, five games, six games.”
 Paul Cabana - “I have a hard enough time going from right wing to center. I don't know how they go from forward to defense. It's a totally different game.”
 Robert Cabana - “We just can't wait to see the outcome of what we started. I just see us in the embryonic stage of this. It's just a small beginning, and it's only going to grow.”
 Paul Cabana - “It's going to be a lot like it was last year. They're going to come out and they're going to hit us a lot. They're going to play physical. Guys are going to have to take the punch after the whistle and suck it up.”
 Paul Cabana - “I think they handled their first playoff game really well. I didn't think they looked any different from guys who have been five or six years in the playoffs. If we're going to go on a run, (the rookies) are going to be a big part of it just like they were last year.”
 Paul Cabana - “If Savy was 5-10, 5-11, 6-foot, we wouldn't be talking about him. He wouldn't be in this league. He'd be in a higher league. It's obvious.”
 Paul Cabana - “We put together a team we thought could make a really good run, a chance to win it all. We thought we were playing well enough. A couple bad bounces here and there. Not to take nothing from Gwinnett. They're a hell of a team. They played well they deserved to win the series. It's kind of a shock. I didn't think I'd be thinking about the summer this early.”
 Paul Cabana - “It was frustrating. You've got to give them credit they played well and we couldn't get anything going. We tried a bunch of different combinations and nothing was clicking.”
 Bob Cabana - “The program is making every effort to ensure that the crew on orbit has all that they need to continually man the space station. Right now, there's absolutely no concern for any of their consumables on board.”
 Bob Cabana - “We're treating those remains with the ultimate respect and care that they deserve.”
 Bob Cabana - “We're still flying in space. We have a crew that's on orbit right now. And we have a space station on orbit. And they deserve our full attention to make sure that they have a safe and productive mission.”