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 Miguel Cabrera - “It's tough, but you've got to beat them. We want to win the game. They Clemens and Pettitte are very good pitchers. They are some of the best pitchers in the league.”
 Miguel Cabrera - “It doesn't look like Pettitte was having a very good start, but I'm not surprised our guys got after him.”
 Miguel Cabrera - “We swung the bats very good tonight. I'm glad to see the guys swing like this.”
 Ryan Cabrera - “How much hair product does it take to get those spikes”
 Jano Cabrera - “White House claims that they are fully cooperating with this investigation seem at odds with the President feeling the need to hire a private lawyer.”
 Miguel Cabrera - “I've played hurt. But this is the knee. I can't (move it around).”
 Daniel Cabrera - “Oh yeah, just muscles, ... It hurt, but I'm okay.”
 Orlando Cabrera - “It's been like that my whole career. I always try to improve from the beginning of the year. It's the second half when the games really count.”
 Miguel Cabrera - “It happens sometimes, ... I feel bad. It's not going to happen again. When you're late, you see what happens.”
 Miguel Cabrera - “I'm just trying to play my best and have fun.”
 Miguel Cabrera - “I feel like the same person, but I feel as if I need to work twice as much now.”
 Ryan Cabrera - “I started playing guitar kind of by accident.”
 Miguel Cabrera - “I thought it was going to hit the (scoreboard) he hit it so hard.”
 Miguel Cabrera - “I'm taking my time. I feel much more confident, and every day I feel like I'm getting better.”
 Orlando Cabrera - “Any time you knock out a team that spends 200 million and you're the underdog, it feels great. We're pumped up for the next series.”
 Orlando Cabrera - “Any time you knock out a team that spends 200 million and you're the underdog, it feels great, ... We're pumped up for the next series.”
 Orlando Cabrera - “Sometimes guys play a long time in the Minors and have a hard time finding a role, ... He's solid he swings the bat pretty good, too.”
 Orlando Cabrera - “Hey, that was our secret weapon. We hadn't used him in the playoffs, but every time we needed him, he came up big for us this year.”
 Pedro Cabrera - “Right now we are at the disposition to offer an excellent game against Japan. ... We respect our opponent highly. Remember that at the beginning of the tournament, we said that no one should think less of the Asian teams. It was a time when the United States, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic were the favorites. Life and the event itself have shown otherwise.”
 Miguel Cabrera - “You're going to remember all your life this time.”
 Miguel Cabrera - “I'm happy. You have to put up your numbers every year and see what happens. My time is coming, you know”
 Orlando Cabrera - “These are complicated questions that require complicated answers. It's going to take some time.”
 Daniel Cabrera - “I'll enjoy the win, enjoy the good times,”
 Daniel Cabrera - “I just want to enjoy the win. I faced Toronto like eight times and didn't win. I threw my fastball and my slider well. I was happy with that.”
 Orlando Cabrera - “I worked with Leo the last seven days, and it worked today. Everything was perfect. I cut down on the walks and threw strikes.”

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