My Favorite Quotes
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 Miguel Cabrita - “This could be year to get it done. This is the first uniformed team in many years. They're competitive and they push each other. We've started the season at a high level and we have a lot of depth.”
 Miguel Cabrita - “The guys really want to bring back a county championship. It's been a while that we could call ourselves county champions, and it's something we're pushing for this year. We also want to be in a position to make a run for a state title at the end of the season.”
 Miguel Cabrita - “Everyday when we practice we look up at that banner and it's lonely up there.”
 Miguel Cabrita - “He's very intense, kind of the glue for the team. He's motivated every player on the court. He's definitely a huge asset, not just skill-wise.”
 Miguel Cabrita - “Dan wasn't a starter last season but he's really stepped up his game. He's one of our co-captains along with John Moll and he brings some fire to the court.”
 Miguel Cabrita - “Drew is a big swing hitter. But experience playing club for so many years helped him in the middle now. His experience alone could get him through that spot.”
 Miguel Cabrita - “I actually think of all the years I've been here with the program, this is the team with the best chemistry together. This is the best overall talent, there's a lot of depth.”
 Miguel Cabrita - “They stayed calm, cool and collected. That's the one thing I'm most proud of, how they stayed in control.”