My Favorite Quotes
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 Maria Caccaviello - “We were victims of an illegal dumping.”
 Maria Caccaviello - “We received quite a few applications today.”
 Maria Caccaviello - “It's all part of our aim of outreach and education. We will be participating in a lot of community events this year.”
 Maria Caccaviello - “We have gotten wonderful support from the community. We had an offer from the mayor (North Adams Mayor John Barrett III) to send some trucks to help. Many community members called up and offered their time to help us. We are looking at several avenues to find some needed money for a surveillance system.”
 Maria Caccaviello - “I'm sure that no one meant it to be that way. We just wanted to get the word out that whoever dumped there should let us know ahead of time so we can make previsions for whatever they want to donate.”