My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Caddell - “The kids didn't do anything bad, and yet the decisions that were made by the FBI, particularly on April 19, to tear that building down...resulted in the death of those kids.”
 Michael Caddell - “The only issue where we really felt she was less than candid was on the demolition issue. And, I think the problem she's got is she testified to Congress in 1995 that the damage done to the building was the result of tear gas insertion, and I think it's very difficult for her to back off of that testimony.”
 Michael Caddell - “There are so many inconsistencies between their data and their conclusions you have to question either their competence or their integrity.”
 Michael Caddell - “This case is about abuse of power in the large sense. This is about the direction our country may be headed wherein the government and law enforcement become an armed force that can be used against the American population, against anyone who is different, anyone who is strange, anyone who doesn't fit in.”