My Favorite Quotes
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 Christopher Cagan - “I'm more positive about Texas than almost anywhere, because the underpinnings are good, and it hasn't had the huge run-up that other markets have.”
 Christopher Cagan - “That is, their combined mortgage debts exceeded their home values by more than 10 percent.”
 Leslie Cagan - “There is a lot of work left to do this war is far from over. Each day more and more people are speaking out against the war and I think that energizes anti-war activists. When your movement is growing, and more and more people are joining what you are saying, that energizes you.”
 Christopher Cagan - “Our nation is a 10 trillion-per-year economy currently possessing 19 trillion in household asset value and 11 trillion in homeowners' equity. Losses of 110 billion - spread over several years - would come to only about one percent of the total national homeowners' equity.”
 Leslie Cagan - “We must separate out education from military recruitment.”
 Leslie Cagan - “I think most people see through that and see that as a desperate attempt to silence people, to make people believe their voices won't matter. There's nothing un-American about it, or not supporting our troops, or anything like that.”
 Leslie Cagan - “Just in the past two or three days, the phones have been ringing off the hook here. I think this disaster is helping more people make the connections and see the ways this war is impacting our nation.”
 Leslie Cagan - “We were alarmed to hear the first company to get a contract in the rebuilding of New Orleans was Halliburton, another non-bid contract,”
 Leslie Cagan - “We were alarmed to hear the first company to get a contract in the rebuilding of New Orleans was Halliburton, another non-bid contract.”
 Christopher Cagan - “Nationally, I think it will be a common cold, if you will.”
 Leslie Cagan - “How many more people need to die before the US government changes course We've already spent 250 billion on the war, but things in Iraq keep getting worse. Instead of approving another 72 billion for war, Congress should be figuring out how much money will be needed to bring our troops home now and take care of them when they get here.”
 Christopher Cagan - “The people who bought in 2003 or sooner ... they generally have enough equity that they're going to do all right.”
 Leslie Cagan - “The issue is what is the balance between security and our Constitutional rights to assemble We think the city of Boston has gone way overboard in the name of security.”
 Leslie Cagan - “This nomination is an aggressive move by the Bush administration to use international development policy, and the money of the World Bank, to impose its will on developing countries, just as it has used its military to impose its will on Iraq and Afghanistan.”
 Leslie Cagan - “We don't think that the death and destruction to the U.S. service people and to the Iraqi people can be justified in any way. We mark this date, and this particular number, because it does represent, we believe, an indication of just how wrong the U.S. policy in Iraq is, just how far off course this administration has taken us. And we basically see this as an opportunity to say to the people of this country, to say to the Bush administration and the Congress that these are too many of our young people who have died in this war.”
 Leslie Cagan - “The Bush administration hopes to defuse pressure at home and in Iraq to end its occupation by bringing a portion of the troops home (maybe). But withdrawing some troops is completely unacceptable.”