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 Carl Icahn - “If VISX agrees with me to submit to a vote of shareholders the best offer of 32 per share or higher from any qualified bidder, then I will be willing to commit the significant funds needed to commence the necessary effort to conduct due diligence and to attempt to raise the financing for the transaction.”
 Carl Icahn - “A great company should not be reactive.”
 Carl Icahn - “Without question, this company should do away with Columbus Circle.”
 Carl Icahn - “Certain companies have publicized my Hart Scott filings in the hope that this might induce investors into running the price up, which might cause me to sell my shares, make a profit and become uninvolved in the company, ... While I am flattered that investors would buy on the news that I have made a Hart Scott filing, I believe that they are taking risks which are not being explained to them by the companies making the disclosure.”
 Carl Icahn - “I think the company should be put up for sale now, ... is leaving the shareholders out on the brink if they reject this.”
 Carl Icahn - “If we are able to conduct such a due diligence review, we believe that we may be in a position to make an offer for the entire company at a substantially increased price.”
 Carl Icahn - “We'd like to see the company put up for sale, ... VISX management is giving lip service to a sale.”
 Carl Icahn - “is greatly undervalued and that the company is in need of a major restructuring.”
 Carl Icahn - “Doing this AOL deal is on the way, but not enough, to enhancing shareholder value at Time Warner, ... It proves my point that there is a great deal of unrealized value here. The best investment the company can make is in their own stock at this time.”
 Carl Icahn - “We continue to believe that Time Warner's stock is greatly undervalued and that the company is in need of a major restructuring,”
 Carl Icahn - “particularly important at Time Warner because of the difference of opinion between many large shareholders and management concerning the direction of the company and the lack of share price performance under current management.”
 Carl Icahn - “Last year, the company's board and management claimed to act in the interests of stockholders by spinning off the tobacco business of RJR Nabisco,”
 Carl Icahn - “In life and in business, there are two cardinal sins,”
 Carl Icahn - “You learn in this business It you want a friend, get a dog”
 Carl Icahn - “We sincerely hope that this important resolution has come in time to save Marvel and help restore it to its preeminent place in the growing global entertainment business.”
 Carl Icahn - “Time Warner management has offered several reasons for not completely separating the cable business and buying back Time Warner shares aggressively, ... rejects management's arguments against separation and challenges management's capital return plan as a weak attempt to silence growing investor criticism.”
 Carl Icahn - “In life and business, there are two cardinal sins, ... The first is to act precipitously without thought, and the second is to not act at all. Unfortunately the board of directors and top management of Times Warner already committed the first sin by merging with AOL, and we believe they are currently in the process of committing the second now is not a time to move slowly and suffer the paralysis of inaction.”
 Carl Icahn - “It is my belief that, if the proper partner were allowed to have control of AOL, shareholder value would be much more greatly enhanced than through a half-hearted joint venture that might only serve the purpose of entrenching management.”
 Carl Icahn - “I believe there are and will be major opportunities to enhance Time Warner's value in future combinations. However these transactions might not be achievable if Time Warner enters into long-term arrangements that preclude future flexibility such as an agreement regarding search functionality.”
 Sammy Cahn - “Sleep with a smile.”

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