My Favorite Quotes
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 John Cairns - “We'll find out more when I get an X-ray. They want to get me back in there, but they don't want me to hurt it again.”
 Chris Cairns - “There have been some outstanding individual efforts on this tour, but collectively it's been great,”
 Jay Cairns - “It was a great letter. In all the areas we were audited, and there were several, the auditor stated we were doing everything correctly in complying with state law.”
 Jay Cairns - “They are the ones who handle the files and are responsible for sending out the notices. The letter was a reflection of the great job they do.”
 Chris Cairns - “There's no point in trying to up-play the Zimbabwean effort. I thought they were dreadful to be honest,”
 Chris Cairns - “I thought their application was non-existent and I'm not quite sure what sort of state they're in.”
 Chris Cairns - “I have two young boys and a wonderfully supportive partner who I would like to spend more time with.”
 Chris Cairns - “I just want some quiet time.”
 Chris Cairns - “The pride's been dented, of course, but I've had time to come to terms with it. There's two ways I can either fight it or say goodbye, and I'm not done yet.”
 Chris Cairns - “First and foremost, I felt it was time that I spent more time with my family,”
 John Cairns - “Banks, by law, are required to know their customers. What becomes difficult from the banks' point of view is being suspect of a situation that may or may not prove to be something wrong.”
 Heather Cairns - “Chuck's injury definitely is a huge blow, but everybody knows we've got to pick up the pieces and we've got to have other people step into that role, and that's where the depth comes in.”
 John Cairns - “They're certainly not achieving their cost of capital, although they are moving in the right direction. At the end of the day, they are very much price takers in a number of their core businesses.”
 Jim Cairns - “There are people who can't sleep at night because of what this poor little boy went through, and from thinking about what we can possibly do to stop it from happening again,”
 Chris Cairns - “I just have to make sure that I keep going.”
 Heather Cairns - “Sierra and Dana are phenomenal. They have been playing phenomenal as outside midfielders. They have been doing a good job in setting the tone of our play.”
 Jim Cairns - “There's obviously a concern for all the local inhabitants.”
 John Cairns - “IM is becoming a mainline way in which people do work in the enterprise and customers have been asking for a secure IM client, and we are now offering them this. This is the workhorse release for business users.”
 John Cairns - “The data continues to hint that there is a big chance that the Monetary Authority of Singapore will tighten policy at the April meeting.”
 Chris Cairns - “When we get a top side we are pretty good and we will have a chance to measure ourselves in the next six months when we play against sides such as Australia. Potentially we remain a very good side.”
 Heather Cairns - “We put a big emphasis on academic achievement in our program. So for the girls to be recognized for this a great testament to how hard they work and how well they are able to balance the time demands of being a student-athlete.”
 Jim Cairns - “Why do you have the right to run a factory just because you own it You ought to have the power to run it because you are a human being.”