My Favorite Quotes
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 Jon Caldara - “It's the sign of an incredibly abundant society when we can waste taxpayer money to save rodents.”
 Jon Caldara - “We have some people running around saying the sky is falling. Others say this is the opportunity we have been waiting for, that we can do government with less.”
 Jon Caldara - “We might have lost but we lost in a split decision. I'll take that half-loaf rather than no loaf at all.”
 Jon Caldara - “I'm not a social-issues conservative. For me the issue is the size and scope of government, and those who believe the size and scope should be larger are simply not Republicans.”
 Jon Caldara - “It's hard getting through all the bureaucracy and harder still getting the signatures.”
 Jon Caldara - “Whatever is the hot point is (for the audience), that's where the 200 million cut is going to come from.”