My Favorite Quotes
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 Ryan Caldwell - “For me, the learning curve took off the last 30, 40 games. There was a lot of learning, but a lot had to do with coaching.”
 John Caldwell - “The point to remember is that what the Government gives it must first take away”
 John Caldwell - “To be able to post another double-digit gain is pretty impressive. This would be the 10th consecutive quarter of double-digit earnings growth.”
 John Caldwell - “Our fourth quarter results demonstrate our continuing progress in improving our financial results. Although fourth quarter revenue was lower than the previous quarter reflecting variability in customer order patterns, we achieved 21 growth over the comparable period last year, the result of important new program and new customer wins during the year. It was also the third consecutive quarter of earnings growth.”
 John Caldwell - “We anticipate that 2006 will be a year of growth in both revenue and earnings. However, given the unpredictability of customer order patterns that can affect quarterly results, we intend to provide annual directional guidance only that will be updated on a quarterly basis.”
 John Caldwell - “The underlying fundamentals of the market still remain very healthy. We are looking at good solid earnings growth in the first quarter and economic growth that has bounced back.”
 Jim Caldwell - “They're professionals, when they take the field, they want to win. So it's a matter of professional pride, and also our head coach expects us to go out and play hard and play well.”
 John Caldwell - “It's going to be a choppy holiday season for retailers. There will be haves and have-nots depending on where consumers' tastes lie for the season.”
 Melissa Caldwell - “There's a certain mythology that prevails in Hollywood that kids are only interested in risky or edgy stuff, ... and I don't think that's always the case.”
 Robbie Caldwell - “Merritt is stepping up his game. Hamilton is stepping up his game. I hope Elliott Hood will step up now and that we can get something out of him.”
 Darrion Caldwell - “(I hope to) keep putting on a little show, that's what makes me me.”
 Jim Caldwell - “He's a very unique individual,”
 Jim Caldwell - “You have to know him, he's an amazing individual with great strength and integrity.”
 Mike Caldwell - “Web technology had several advantages over traditional clientserver development, Caldwell says. An intranet could tap into existing disparate legacy systems, such as Nike's Oracle-based product information system. It would also be less expensive to develop than a traditional application. We could take some risks, ... If the sites didn't work, they weren't million-dollar sites, and the information was available somewhere else.”
 Melissa Caldwell - “We're just gathering and labeling information, ... We're not telling people what they should be offended by.”
 Lucy Caldwell - “Getting the factual information out there is important and that is what we are doing.”
 Robert Caldwell - “Hes not out there throwing his picture up on the Internet.”
 John Caldwell - “Everyone's trying to put a housing angle on almost any investment trend.”
 David Caldwell - “It's easier and less confusing for the jury.”
 Earle Caldwell - “She mentioned someone in New Jersey that threatened to kill her,”
 David Caldwell - “Even the land itself was recycled. This was the site of the old Sandstone High School.”
 Robert Caldwell - “When I first saw that, I thought, Oh God, its gotten to this now. Its kind of sick,”
 Robert Caldwell - “When I first saw that, I thought, Oh God, its gotten to this now. Its kind of sick,”
 Tyrone Caldwell - “If I had caught that pass, we would have had a chance to get another shot off. It was just bad miscommunication of where I was at on the floor and my getting my hands on the ball at the same time.”
 Peter Caldwell - “With oil now over 60 a barrel, there is upward pressure on costs. At the same time, they cannot afford to cut back to the extent that service suffers.”

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