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 John Calipari - “We really guarded. We rebounded in the second half, and my stars were stars, all three of them. We rebounded and my three stars were stars. We're pretty good what that happens.”
 John Calipari - “How 'bout that. We're chasing greatness.”
 John Calipari - “We are chasing greatness with this team.”
 John Calipari - “Twenty-one turnovers and we got beat to every ball again. I'm just worried because it's not hitting home. We went after balls with one hand. Theywill run a sprint drill in practice, which is a killer, for each one-handed catch they made. It's got to stop.”
 John Calipari - “WhatI hope is he uses the next five days to get in the weight room, come back and be the star he's supposed to be.”
 John Calipari - “That was a heck of a game. I told their coach, 'Let's hope we are playing in April. Let's hope we are the last two standing.”
 John Calipari - “People are saying, 'Well, do you think it'll hurt you that they're young You know, the thing about young guys is they don't think they're going to lose. They haven't been through it yet. So we will see.”
 John Calipari - “This is a hard game to prepare for. They run too much stuff, they hold the ball. Our guys, they have no idea they're not going to run with us.”
 John Calipari - “Instead of driving to the rim, we drove wide. I have no idea.”
 John Calipari - “I was disappointed that I couldn't get it faster. Then I thought we could play it their way. But we couldn't.”
 John Calipari - “It wasn't one of our better performances. I thought we tried to play hard. I thought we competed, but we did stuff that I haven't seen since the first of the season.”
 John Calipari - “I thought our defense was good, and then I played the dreaded zone for a while which I think everybody's like 'Wow'. But we have a zone and we work on it. I just don't use it that much.”
 John Calipari - “They (UAB) didn't go away, and they had shots to get right back into the game and missed some shots late. I thought the rebounding edge is what put us over the top.”
 John Calipari - “I just looked at the schedule and said I want to play teams with 17, 18 wins or more. I tried to do that last year, too. But I thought Austin Peay and East Tennessee State would be 18-win teams, and they didn't come close.”
 John Calipari - “It surprised me because I thought we'd be more physical than them and we weren't. They were more physical than us.”
 John Calipari - “I like it. It's stimulated by thinking. I thought it was the best way to utilize these players. So I changed. People thought I was crazy. 'You've won all these games doing it one way, all of a sudden you're changing everything.”
 John Calipari - “To have that kind of energy after that Texas game and to have one day in between shows that we bounce back quickly. We did what we were supposed to do. All I was concerned with was how we guarded, and I thought we were tremendous.”
 John Calipari - “The thing I'm most pleased with was I thought you saw an intensity level and an effort level that we haven't had for a couple of weeks. Second of all, there were things we prepared to do, and we executed them. ... It was some good stuff.”
 John Calipari - “These players all know that I'll be the first one to say, 'Hey, you know what It's time for you to go. I'll be the first guy. If it's time to stay, I'll be honest with them.”
 John Calipari - “Any time we take that many 3s, we're not winning.”
 John Calipari - “Rodney scored a bunch of points, but let me tell you what Rodney did -- he defended. Late in the game, he did not get beat on the dribble one time.”
 John Calipari - “How about that That's the first time in the history of the school.”
 John Calipari - “We have guys who just haven't played together. We're just trying to figure it out. Offensively, we're taking so many bad shots right now it's almost making me want to vomit at times, but we are being aggressive.”
 John Calipari - “He made runners, he made them when they bumped him, he made them inside. He rebounded the ball. He did a fairly good job of defending. We (isolated) him about 10 straight times, and about nine of them, we got something good either he scored or got somebody else something.”
 John Calipari - “Are they better than us No. (But) they were today. They wanted the game more than us today. They executed better than us today. They scrapped more than us today.”

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