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 John Callaghan - “Believe it or not, I think we slowed him down. But I really think the difference was we did a good job of defending the other four guys.”
 James Callaghan - “You never reach the promised land. You can march towards it.”
 James Callaghan - “There are no instant solutions.”
 James Callaghan - “I am rather in favour of dealing with teenage hooliganism.”
 Jim Callaghan - “Let me say that of course there has been a fall in people's standard of life. And it has fallen this year and will fall again next year.”
 Jim Callaghan - “I do not think that this would be the right moment to cut people's standard of life in terms of private consumption any further.”
 Jim Callaghan - “Your strike will not win. You cannot be allowed to succeed.”
 Jim Callaghan - “You can never reach the promised land. You can march towards it.”
 Jim Callaghan - “I've never been one to say that Britain was joining a happy band of brothers.”
 John Callaghan - “Painful as that was at the time, it was really good for us.”
 John Callaghan - “We did a nice job of getting them the ball at the right time. We executed some stuff that we talked about against their 1-3-1 zone. We saw them use that against Foss.”
 James Callaghan - “Society today is so organized that every individual group has the power to disrupt it. How is their power to be channelled into constructive channels”
 Jim Callaghan - “A lie can be halfway around the world before truth has got its boots on.”
 John Callaghan - “Wave and tidal stream technologies are at an earlier stage of development than solar and wind which are more mature.”
 James Callaghan - “The best word to describe her was gracious. She was a wonderful lady and will be very sadly missed. I just hope he survives until the 27th of this month, when he will be 93 years old.”
 Ryan O'Callaghan - “We definitely remembered what they did to us at home the year before. We went up there with a little extra motivation, and we played pretty well against them. Not payback, just a good game.”
 Ryan O'Callaghan - “Personally, I'm satisfied with how the season went. You always expect perfection, but how we finished this season will set a good tone for next year.”
 Brian Callaghan - “I admire their enthusiasm for the movie, but as it's been proven in the past, everyone who wants to see this or any other film will be able to get tickets for it.”
 John Callaghan - “Obviously the disappointment of last night was huge. I thought it very well could have been us and Curtis tonight.”
 Jim Callaghan - “The rule of law should be upheld by all political parties. They should neither advise others to break the law, nor encourage others to do so even when they strongly disagree with the legislation put forward by the government of the day.”
 John Callaghan - “We have seven seniors, and six of them play a lot. We're nine deep, so we have pretty good depth. We've had nine different guys lead us in scoring this year.”
 Brian Callaghan - “We look at a vast number of opportunities every year at locations around the country, but we tend not to discuss anything until there is some type of concrete announcement to discuss.”
 Ryan O'Callaghan - “They're probably going through a lot of the things we did back then. They didn't have much success last year, but now they've won a couple of games, and they're getting some confidence. We've just got to make sure we're working just as hard.”
 Brian Callaghan - “No one community is immune to it. We try to be vigilant and on top of our responsibilities. Fire, police, youth leaders, churches, different civic groups, parents, schools, and the kids themselves all have the responsibility to keep kids safe. We all own it.”
 Jim Callaghan - “I sum up the prospects for 1967 in three short sentences. We are back on course. The ship is picking up speed. The economy is moving. Every seaman knows the command at such a moment 'steady as she goes'.”

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