My Favorite Quotes
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 Steven Camarota - “It's the strongest, most comprehensive enforcement bill we have seen in a generation or more. It goes about 70 percent of the way to getting us to actually enforcing the law, if it were ever implemented.”
 Steven Camarota - “The least educated Americans are getting hurt.”
 Steven Camarota - “The whole idea that 'America has a 5 percent unemployment rate and therefore clearly we need lots of immigrant labor' is very foolish.”
 Steven Camarota - “The public agrees on certain things, and one of these is the distinction between legal and illegal immigration, ... in the end it's mostly within Washington's purview.”
 Steven Camarota - “People don't want an increase in immigration, and legalizing someone who is illegal just sticks in their craw.”
 Steve Camarota - “Any suggestion that immigrants and natives do fundamentally different kinds of work is just silly.”
 Steven Camarota - “Evidence suggests very few illegal aliens vote, but it's certainly not zero. Illegal aliens don't come to America to vote, and would generally try to avoid doing so.”
 Steven Camarota - “Anyone who says we've tried enforcing the law and failed is wrong.”
 Steven Camarota - “No one disputes that less-educated natives have done very poorly in the last five years.”
 Steven Camarota - “The bottom line is the number of people who came from 2000 to 2004 was more than we've seen in American history, 6.2 million people in a four-year period,”
 Steven Camarota - “It leaves me scratching my head. It's just very hard to make the case that there's a huge shortage of labor.”
 Steve Camarota - “This kind of research points to the fact that it would make sense to make many illegal aliens go home as soon as possible.”
 Steven Camarota - “There's broad public dissatisfaction with any plan that does not start with enforcement.”
 Steven Camarota - “The 35.2 million immigrants living in the country in March 2005 is the highest number ever recorded. It is also two-and-a-half times tally of the 13.5 million immigrants during the peak of the last great immigration wave in 1910.”
 Steve Camarota - “The immigration service does not have a good history of contract supervision.”
 Steven Camarota - “States have a choice They can either buttress federal law or undermine it. It appears Virginia is trying to buttress it. And I think that reflects popular sentiment in Virginia.”
 Steven Camarota - “The bottom line is what this tells us is that this problem is not going to take care of itself over time, ... Either we work to reduce the scale of Mexican migration to the United States by seriously enforcing our laws or we accept the fact that millions of people are going to relocate from Mxico to the United States.”
 Steven Camarota - “People are coming unless we stop them. It's not going to take care of itself,”
 Steven Camarota - “With the number of labor-intensive acres going up in California, their behavior does not seem to suggest that they see a labor shortage, even if that's what they tell reporters. Farmers always think there's not enough labor. It's a very unpredictable business. You can't control the weather. The one thing you can push for is a lax immigration program, or a guest-worker program.”
 Steven Camarota - “The obvious thing is to enforce the law, at the border and at the work site, and to deny access to bank accounts and driver licenses.”
 Steven Camarota - “The idea that there are jobs that Americans won't do is economic gibberish. All the big occupations that immigrants are in - construction, janitorial, even agriculture - are overwhelmingly done by native Americans.”
 Steven Camarota - “The ability of a state or local government to do a great deal about immigration is limited. No question about it.”