My Favorite Quotes
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 Shawn McCambridge - “That could give the Kansas City wheat market some support.”
 Shawn McCambridge - “Because there is so much new information in this report, we could be trading this for awhile.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “A mean, tipsy, powerful, rotten-egg lady.”
 Ada Cambridge - “Alone Alone No beacon, far or near No chart, no compass, and no anchor stay”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “Young Jimmy Dean fell off the world as suddenly as he had come.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “With two leftover husbands to account for, my wicked soul has just about shriveled and died.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “So many people have really wanted to die. They seem ashamed to say so. I think it would help if they would say so.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “Only a certain breed of actor should ever even try to work for Orson Welles. I'm glad I'm one of that breed.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “One of the cruelest judgments sustained against me is that I have spoken out as a recovered alcoholic to stimulate my acting career.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “Neiman-Marcus is one thing, and the Dallas Cowboys are another.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “My name is real, which probably explains why I never became a superstar... how would that look in lights”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “My admiration for the phenomenon of Alcoholics Anonymous is boundless.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “Like many alcoholics, I was a staggering woman in a chic apartment, sick and utterly disgusting.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “Joan Crawford is a movie queen. I had never met one before. I know now what I don't want to be.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “I'm glad I am a woman who once danced naked in the Mediterranean Sea at midnight.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “I'd never been in play long enough for the flowers to die in the dressing room.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “I was taught to be anti-Jewish.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “I have no use for people who hunt for what they call sport.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “I don't think I should have been married... to anybody.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “I can only know what love is insofar as I can feel it.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “I believe in joy, but I believe in the flip-side, agony.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “I am rich from the bequests other gifted people have seen fit to leave to me.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “I am responsible for no one but myself.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “A rich man can afford to be generous to many.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “The great people I've met always have time for the niceties.”

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