My Favorite Quotes
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 Pat Camden - “That was treated as an isolated incident that's the way it should have been treated. On the other hand, at Sox Park you get that reputation because it's on the South Side.”
 Pat Camden - “It appears after that, there was a group of individuals that pulled the passenger and the driver out of the vehicle and began beating them about the head with a large brick and sticks and stones. The investigation is ongoing.”
 William Camden - “A zealous locksmith died of late,And did arrive at heaven gate,He stood without and would not knock,Because he meant to pick the lock.”
 William Camden - “A zealous locksmith died of late, And did arrive at heaven gate, He stood without and would not knock, Because he meant to pick the lock.”
 Pat Camden - “The officer engages, fires at the individual at two different locations and he winds up down the street, the offender in the laundry room, shot in the leg and the foot.”
 William Camden - “Better a bad excuse, than none at all.”
 William Camden - “The sea hath fish for every man.”
 Pat Camden - “The police officer was protecting himself and the customers in the shop, ... His actions could very well have saved lives today.”
 Pat Camden - “Last night we had seven people, actually, who were shot at six different locations.”
 William Camden - “An inch in a miss is as good as an ell.”
 William Camden - “Betwixt the stirrup and the ground Mercy I asked, mercy I found.”
 Pat Camden - “We're looking for a male, white, who's between 25 and 30 years of age, about 6 feet tall with thin build. He was laughing and driving a blue four-door vehicle.”
 Pat Camden - “We're not saying it's not a hate crime,”
 Pat Camden - “We're not saying it's not a hate crime. What we are saying is at this particular moment in the investigation, the elements for a hate crime are not there.”
 Pat Camden - “We're here to make sure the First Amendment rights of the protesters are met, as well as the rights of the citizens on the street. Public safety is always a concern.”
 William Camden - “God sendeth cold after clothes.”
 William Camden - “The early bird catches the worm.”
 Pat Camden - “If you can't concentrate on driving when you are talking on a cell phone, you certainly can't pay attention while you are watching Seinfeld. It is common sense.”
 William Camden - “To have a stomach and lack meat, to have meat and lack a stomach, to lie in bed and cannot rest, are great miseries.”