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 Gary DiCamillo - “Today's announcement puts Polaroid on a more solid footing to enter 1999 poised for profitable growth. During the past 18 months, Polaroid has confronted a series of global economic challenges and has reduced dealer inventories substantially.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “Support of a guest-worker program is a significant finding. Republicans and Democrats, voters and nonvoters are all in favor of a guest-worker program.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “There's not a lot of knowledge about the two initiatives. History shows that voter confusion ... can lead to changes in their preferences.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “That's one option voters and non-voters embrace. It puts undocumented immigrants into some kind of accounting system.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “There is a vein of the public that is leery of big industry.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “The voters are stepping back and want more information about the two Democrats. They don't seem to have much of an impression.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “It wasn't meant to be a partisan reform initiative, but it is clearly perceived that way and I think that has to do with the governor.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “This issue wipes out all the divisions in the state. It's an issue whose time has come. Voters are behind it.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “at this stage are still inclined to vote for it.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “What will be more influential on the outcome of (this year's) election is the shape of the turnout Who will (vote)”
 Andrew Camillo - “The county has an ordinance that established the framework for this work, but it just hasn't had the combined efforts of all departments that have officers in the field. Now we have the manpower behind the ordinance to do the job.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “They were just about to be voted out of office, or in the case of Richard Nixon, he was about to resign. Bush still has more than two years to go, so I think we're in somewhat uncharted territory.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “The overall trend for Arnold Schwarzenegger is favorable, but there are a lot of people still in play.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “People feel very strongly about this initiative. I don't anticipate a lot of movement. It may come down to who turns out on Election Day.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “The governor's image is a negative drag and it is directly related to how people are going to vote on these propositions.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “People have pretty much adjusted to the risk factor of earthquakes and go about their daily lives.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “When politicians try to move from negative to positive, it really is a two-step process. People don't go straight from negative to positive. They go from negative to undecided, and then maybe to positive.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “When we tell voters Proposition 78 is supported by the pharmaceutical companies, it weakens support even from the people who are backing it,”
 Mark DiCamillo - “He's getting more people to be open to his re-election.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “I think it's a two-step process and it looks like he's successfully getting people over in terms of step one to the undecided column. But there's a segment of voters who are withholding judgment. They know who Schwarzenegger is, but they are not sure.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “She's a very divisive figure. In my opinion, most people either like her or hate her.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “If he granted clemency, I would say, it would be a very divisive opinion. Large segments of the public would take him to task.”
 Gary DiCamillo - “The next 12 months will be unmatched in Polaroid history for number and breadth of new products coming to the market.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “The question always presents itself How formidable are the challengers Early measures show them leading by very narrow margins, and the preferences are party based. It's way too early to say whether the challengers will be formidable.”
 Mark DiCamillo - “We've seen this before. It's like murder-suicide both of them get voted down.”

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