My Favorite Quotes
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 Andre Caminada - “Trading was nervous today turnover improved a lot. The market is talking a lot about changes in the main index. Many say that some big companies may lose some weighing.”
 Andre Caminada - “Telecoms reacted today after falling sharply yesterday, when there wasn't much reason for their fall.”
 Andre Caminada - “The third quarter corporate results are very good this time, which so far found very little reflection in stock prices. Stocks are cheap and people are buying in a calmer market to fill year-end portfolios.”
 Andre Caminada - “People are taking some profit because it (the index) rose strongly over the last few days that's normal.”
 Andre Caminada - “The market is accumulating strength, watching oil prices and awaiting the U.S. Fed's rate meeting and Brazil's own rate decision. Until next week, investors may be just slightly reviewing their positions.”
 Andre Caminada - “If they keep managing the energy crisis well, there should be no major impact.”
 Andre Caminada - “The market is kind of confused. There are a lot of question marks around that are causing nervousness and investors are being more conservative.”
 Andre Caminada - “The market was taking its cue from investors' mood outside. There was concern about the economic numbers that came out today.”
 Andre Caminada - “It was a bit slow day with some room for profit-taking, and the market should continue in a slow mode for a while. The present level corresponds to the situation, and we don't see great rises or falls ahead.”