My Favorite Quotes
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 Tony Campanale - “Those two are quiet competitors. They both go out and there and give you their best.”
 Tony Campanale - “Spires is a tough kid. He's kind of tough to rattle, but then again, he's only a sophomore. Pugh is a lot like Glenbrook's Isaiah Stanley. I like to describe him as a bowling ball type of runner. After last week, we're still trying to find our identity on offense, but we know we'll have to run the ball better if we're going to improve over the year.”
 Tony Campanale - “I thought that kick-off would spark us on offense. But that was about the only spark we had all game. We played very badly last week, we've worked on getting tougher this week in practice.”
 Tony Campanale - “We're pretty inexperienced on defense. We hope we can match up with them when they go into their four and five wide sets, because they're libel to go deep at any time.”