My Favorite Quotes
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 Steven Campanini - “We have to close it down because we can no longer ensure the safety of our patients or our staff in that hospital.”
 Steven Campanini - “We would hope that this case is not going to be tried a third time, so we can focus our full energy on the broader issues.”
 Steven Campanini - “We understand that the Louisiana attorney general is investigating all deaths that occurred at New Orleans hospitals and nursing homes after the hurricane, and we fully support and are cooperating with him.”
 Steven Campanini - “Our hospitals were well supplied in preparation for hurricanes. We knew they had water and diesel fuel topping off the fuel tanks for their generators.”
 Steven Campanini - “It's been a good arrangement we would like to continue. We are disappointed that they are prematurely expressing their interest to buy out our majority interest.”
 Steven Campanini - “We were very surprised, disappointed and upset with the Cleveland Clinic's approach to prematurely express their plans to buy out our majority interest. We are concerned about the effect the premature disclosure will have on the staff and the physicians at CCH in Weston.”
 Steven Campanini - “We resolved several big issues involving the company that many people thought would have been the end of the company.”
 Steven Campanini - “There is only so much a health care provider could do under such extraordinary circumstances.”
 Steven Campanini - “There are physical threats to safety from roving bands of armed individuals with weapons who are threatening the safety of the hospital.”