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 Mike Campbell - “The bottom floor was going to be left unfinished for storage or future classrooms,”
 John Campbell - “Let me reiterate that, while we have sympathy for the legitimate aspirations for development of the people in the delta, and we already are, and will continue in the future, to be involved in assistance programs there, hostage-taking never, ever is justified. I will hope that, once we emerge from the current hostage crises, once those that are held hostage are released, assuming that no further hostages are taken, that we will be able to accelerate our assistance in that region.”
 Tom Campbell - “It's just not correct to say that since it could have occurred in the past it therefore will occur in the future,”
 Brian Campbell - “We've lost 15 games, and five to two teams ... go figure that.”
 Sol Campbell - “I saw Sven-Goran Eriksson when he came to the training ground last week and he spoke to myself and Ashley Cole. He knows I am fine and all I need now is a couple of games under my belt.”
 Dan Campbell - “That guy has made some big plays for us in the last five, six games. You look at the catches he's made. He's got arguably the best hands on this team. He's a very good athlete, and losing him, yeah it's gonna hurt.”
 Folarin Campbell - “Everybody has to pick their game up. I felt it was on myself to come out and take some shots. It's been paying off, and we've seen it paying off in games.”
 Carol Campbell - “She likes irises. She had a big iris garden. She had a lot of them in Tracy and at her house in Manteca but not so much at the trailer.”
 Tony Campbell - “If you don't have anything for a girl you are recruiting to look at (it can be difficult). I can start looking at some more local girls now and hopefully intrigue them into coming here.”
 Thomas Campbell - “A chieftain to the Highlands bound Cries, Boatman, do not tarry And I'll give thee a silver pound To row us o'er the ferry.'”
 Dan Campbell - “Once Julius gets back, we'll be even better. Now we know we have a guy we can count on to give Julius a rest. It will be real good.”
 Naomi Campbell - “It would be fantastic if everyone joined forces to give what they can.”
 Kevin Campbell - “It's a hard one to take. We've got to stop shooting ourselves in the foot. We can't give up games like this at home.”
 Tim Campbell - “I don't know where (they) were when we were selling the building - (practically) trying to give it away.”
 Doug Campbell - “This is a very exciting development for us, and will give us even greater production capabilities to produce some of the effective programs in the world.”
 Dan Campbell - “We know if we can go up there and (win), then it pretty much knocks them out. But if we don't, then we give them new life, they're still in this thing.”
 Bob Campbell - “Both sides had to give, but that's what happens. It wasn't so much that we gained anything. It's that we didn't lose anything.”
 Billy Campbell - “I tried to give everything I had in this building. I hope people will remember me for that.”
 Angus Campbell - “Everyone hopes the fourth-quarter earnings will give a much needed boost to a poor equity market, but if you remember last quarter, we had the best earnings season for a while, and it wasn't enough to push the Dow to new highs,”
 Chad Campbell - “I'm pretty happy with myself to be able to get that done. Winning is first, but to get myself into the Tour Championship...that was one of my main goals this week.”
 Lorin Campbell - “We were a step behind the whole game, don't ask me why. All of our goals were good goals they all came off our passing game but other than that, we were one-to-two steps slow.”
 Lorin Campbell - “The final was unbelievable. We had some beautiful goals against a very good team. They were mostly upperclassmen and they were fast and strong.”
 Todd Campbell - “Gold has had big moves but overall the outlook still looks favorable. It's an under-owned investment class and there is a lot of political instability that would fuel gold.”
 Cassie Campbell - “We wanted to get to the gold-medal game. We're there and now we're going to prepare and do everything in the next two days to be the best we can be.”
 Chad Campbell - “This is a very demanding golf course. You have to stay very patient and take your chances when you get them.”

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