My Favorite Quotes
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 Robert Campos - “The guy (Ramos) just caught him with a couple of good punches.”
 Robert Campos - “Sergio almost got it done. He went up against a tough opponent and it could have gone either way. Sergio did a good job and Im proud of him. He gave 100 percent.”
 Bobby Campos - “We thought we had a shoo-in for the best rusher in the state. (Losing Aragon) just throws a lump in your throat.”
 Robert Campos - “Our guys fought good fights, but its their first time at state, so they had a hard time (against their more experienced opponents).”
 Tony Campos - “I really liked how we swung the bats today. It's nice that we don't have to rely on the same three or four girls to get it done every time. Everyone in our lineup is hitting very well right now, which is very important to our success.”
 Oscar Campos - “(We will do) whatever we have to do. One thing is what Oscar (Arias) thinks today and another thing is what he's going to have to think tomorrow.”
 Lazaro Campos - “As China's financial sector further opens up and its foreign trade witnesses exponential growth, the need for international financial transaction will naturally skyrocket. And we want to grasp this chance.”
 Jesus Campos - “It costs more than it would to build a well-made water system.”
 Jay Campos - “It really doesn't help us out. We don't get any playoff points, and neither do they. I have the utmost respect for them and the program. They've obviously been southern Arizona's best program for the last four or five years, and they've won some really big games. We look at them as a marquee team in Arizona, and we'll take our best shot.”
 Lazaro Campos - “And we want to double that figure in the next three to five years.”
 Bobby Campos - “They're not the number one team in the state for nothing. They're a good football team. But I like the way our kids played the entire game. They did not give up and played the entire game with every ounce of heart they've got.”
 Lazaro Campos - “The opening-up (of the financial sector) will bring mounting pressure on the domestic banks, which will motivate them to improve their management.”
 Jay Campos - “Sunnyside has been the team to beat over the past five years, and we wanted to make sure we got this game on the schedule. This will be a good test for us.”
 Tony Campos - “I was happy with our intensity today. We've been pretty frustrated with the weather and it feels good to get outside and play some games.”
 Lazaro Campos - “In this area, SWIFT can also play a constructive role by introducing to Chinese banks the internationally-proven standard and global best practice.”
 Bobby Campos - “We really haven't come to a decision yet. They both can do it.”
 Tony Campos - “Even though the level of competition wasn't as high as we've been facing lately, we played very well today. The girls kept up their intensity, which is something we're going to need when we get into league play.”