My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Canales - “A lot of times it will be that way. You will see the clock down to 12 or 13 because we are trying to see what they are coming out with defensively and what type of adjustments they have made.”
 Mike Canales - “We'll find a guy. We'll wait and see who steps up.”
 Mike Canales - “A couple of times we did get out of the huddle late. We definitely have to push our tempo and get off the line of scrimmage. A couple of times we had the wrong personnel and the wrong guy in there. It was also the case of it being the first game. That happens in the first game.”
 Mike Canales - “I think this was a great night to complete what we've been doing and I think you can see the 'Cats going in the right direction.”
 Mike Canales - “I knew Brad Wood could play. We try to get him the ball the best we can. He's quick and he's fast, and he can use his speed as a weapon. When he does get the ball, he tends to catch it and make plays.”
 Mike Canales - “We'd scrimmage in the morning, and then we'd hang out for 12 hours. We'd cook, we'd eat, and we'd think of the day when we'd be playing those games instead of watching them.”
 Mike Canales - “It's going to be running back by committee until somebody steps up and asserts himself.”
 Mike Canales - “We are going to be running back by committee unless somebody really steps up and asserts themselves.”
 Mike Canales - “We all take pride in what they've been able to do we feel like we were part of it. I still consider them my closest friends. They're the guys you talk to on Christmas Day. It's the closest staff I've been a part of in 22 years of coaching.”
 Mike Canales - “In the red zone, which we had been really efficient at, we miss a field goal and we miss a throw. Things like that you've just got to take care of.”
 Mike Canales - “That's Money Mike. He's going to make big-time plays, and that's why he's here. He's got big-play ability.”