My Favorite Quotes
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 Col. Cancio - “With a war ongoing, we need to be able to provide fast feedback for troops in the field as well as to people making decisions about research priorities.”
 Col. Cancio - “There are a number of data sources that would have been irretrievably lost unless there were investigators who were actually deployed, looking out for preserving the data for later review.”
 Col. Cancio - “As you might imagine, the institutional review board is a fairly sophisticated committee with experienced research and regulatory people who meet on a regular basis. We, of course, did not intend to deploy any such committee to Iraq.”
 Col. Cancio - “Now we're still seeing patients who are dying of hemorrhagic shock from penetrating torso injuries that would not respond to a tourniquet, so that's an example of where our research priorities should be. They should be oriented toward those particular types of injuries and treating shock from those injuries because we don't have a good product for that. That's the sort of important information that we need to get out of this type of analysis.”