My Favorite Quotes
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 Gene Candeloro - “I just like to search for the best of everything in the world.”
 Dominic Candeloro - “In 10 years we'll regret it, just like we regret losing the other buildings in Chicago Heights -- the Victoria Hotel and the Lincoln-Dixie theater. We have demolished enough masterpieces. That is a wonderful, wonderful building.”
 Gene Candeloro - “I actually had some people coming in here thanking me for opening. They moved from Princeton or Pittsburgh, and ... there was no place to get a good cappuccino around here.”
 Gene Candeloro - “Saturday night we had five young Italian people in here. They were heading to the casinos and stopped here. They got espressos, but they saw this and went crazy.”
 Dominic Candeloro - “According to the ordinance, changes that are requested to take place to designated historic landmarks must be referred to the Chicago Heights Preservation Committee for consideration.”
 Dominic Candeloro - “The City Council really doesn't care about the Historic Preservation Committee or about historic preservation.”
 Dominic Candeloro - “The procedure is that the committee makes its recommendation to the City Council and, of course, the City Council has the final authority on this.”