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 Mike Candrea - “Offensively we gave away five innings and did not do a good job competing at the plate. We're just not aggressive enough and we're a little too nice to compete at this level.”
 Mike Candrea - “It was a great offensive performance. We got some bats unleashed. Overall, I thought offensively we looked really good and got some key hits and put a lot of runs on the board. That's good for the pitcher that's for sure.”
 Mike Candrea - “Freed had a rocky first inning and then really settled down and threw well. We had some opportunities tonight and just couldn't get the big hit. I thought we competed hard and we look forward to seeing them again in the future. Ueno is a solid pitcher and throws hard. She has a good off speed pitch.”
 Mike Candrea - “She comes prepared all of the time and is an outstanding pitcher that wants to dominate the game. She definitely has a presence when she walks on the mound that she is going to dominate you.”
 Mike Candrea - “It looks like she is enjoying the game again and playing with confidence. We know how good she is defensively at third base. It's just a matter of time to get the offense to come around.”
 Mike Candrea - “This is a chance to keep the tradition in our program active.”
 Mike Candrea - “I'm hoping right now, with (former USOC president) Peter Ueberroth strategizing and putting everything in order, that they will try and present the case. Hopefully it will come up for a re-vote or for sure get us back in the games for 2012.”
 Mike Candrea - “I think it was primarily a political vote that didn't go our way.”
 Mike Candrea - “I think primarily it was a political vote that didn't go our way.”
 Mike Candrea - “When I watch her prepare, she does it with a lot more urgency. She is really pushing herself.”
 Mike Candrea - “That's the thing about this game -- you get a little monkey on your back. You go 0-for-3, you go 0-for-6, pretty soon you start pressing. You keep trying a little harder, and the harder you try, the worse it gets. So, anytime you can break out of it by getting a base hit, it feeds confidence.”
 Mike Candrea - “In the first game, Osterman threw a great game and we did what we needed to win. Against Japan, we played a good game and Southern was tough for us, but we just couldn't buy a break. We hit a lot of hard balls right at people and my hat goes off to Japan. They look good, but tomorrow is a different day and we have to go right back at them.”
 Mike Candrea - “We found out that no matter how good you are you can't go out there and compete against teams that have been together for quite some time.”
 Mike Candrea - “We need to pick things up right now and find a way. We need kids to contribute. They have on occasion this year, but we need to make sure everyone comes ready to do their part.”
 Mike Candrea - “It's not the most conducive weather to play softball in, but you've got to come out and play it.”
 Mike Candrea - “She's a special player. She's our Tiger Woods. When I told her, 'Lisa, you got the ball,' it was an easy decision on my part because I can't think of anyone better in a big game.”
 Mike Candrea - “If you make mistakes, they will make you pay for them. But if we're smart and pitch to them carefully, we can take care of that.”
 Mike Candrea - “It's only a start, but I was very, very, very impressed with the way we competed. We got great balance and contributions from top to bottom, and that is always nice to see. It seemed like we had a different hero every game.”
 Mike Candrea - “I don't want to deal with problems, and so you want to make sure that you don't give yourself problems by not doing your homework and maybe trying to take a kid that's got great ability but isn't going to get it done in the classroom.”