My Favorite Quotes
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 Alfonso Scanio - “It is shameful and incredible that the government isn't managing to overcome this stalemate, which is increasingly damaging Italy's credibility.”
 Pam Ascanio - “This might be able to dislodge the information that Rob wants.”
 Paolo Canio - “But I will continue my battle for liberty in other ways, with he help of the lawyers who assist me.”
 Paolo Canio - “I am fascist, not racist. I do the Roman (fascist) salute to greet our supporters and those who share my ideas. This gesture is in no way an incitement to violence and even less about racial hatred.”
 Paolo Canio - “It was a political sentence, it was an unjust decision. My gesture has nothing to do with political ideologies.”
 Paolo Canio - “I didn't think it would be this great. I didn't believe we could control the match in that way,”
 Pam Ascanio - “There's no conflict. He had planned to go back to work.”
 Paolo Canio - “The man who comes to take care of my piranhas told me that if I left West Ham he would kill all my fish.”
 Alfonso Scanio - “We respect and defend the right of the Church to address questions of values, but it is very serious to receive only one of the candidates for prime minister just ahead of the ballot.”
 Alfonso Scanio - “Another victim of an absurd war.”