My Favorite Quotes
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 Carolee Cannata - “Paring down an entire household to just a few precious and necessary items is a daunting task. Even the most supportive families find their schedules or out-of-town location wont allow them to manage the job alone. Without a system, tasks such as organizing health insurance claims, maintaining vital records, or creating an inventory of assets that would be needed in case of fire, loss or theft can seem overwhelming.”
 Carolee Cannata - “I have a knack for putting order to chaos and for looking at the big picture. It is wonderful when you find something you are good at and like to do.”
 Carolee Cannata - “There is a huge stress with disorganization and there is also a cost to being disorganized.”
 Carolee Cannata - “My business grew out of the lifestyle change of society. Life is busy - life has gotten off-the-chart busy. Our mothers had a different kind of life because life just moved at a different pace. Families just dont live like they use to.”