My Favorite Quotes
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 Karen Cantou - “This play for them represents the future and not the past. What we see in them and the work that they have done to put this play on is just indicative of what their futures going to be.”
 Karen Cantou - “I spoke with the superintendent this morning, and he feels this is a positive thing that we are doing. He doesn't feel that it is negative.”
 Karen Cantou - “The majority ... who want to see it believe in what we're doing and believe that moving forward in history is a much better place to be than staying in the past.”
 Karen Cantou - “We are in compliance with the new board policy, and therefore I don't think the superintendent did anything wrong going forward with the play.”
 Karen Cantou - “The controversy that has surrounded this has really made history for them too. I don't think they knew what a huge effort they were involved in.”