My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Capener - “Prior to the Utah High School Lacrosse League being created, there was no official state champion crowned. Back in the old days when Waterford and Judge would play, the winner of our match was the unofficial state champion, I guess.”
 Bob Capener - “Mason approached Craig and I, because Waterford was a useful starting point to get a league created since we had arguably the most established lacrosse program in the state at that time. Craig and I wanted to help out, so we started helping with clinics and things like that to get the game some exposure.”
 Bob Capener - “I wanna give some credit to the Rasmussen brothers.”
 Bob Capener - “(They) can be some of my most enjoyable years because there's not much pressure on this team. . . . As coaches, it brings out our creative juices a lot more.”
 Bob Capener - “I never would have guessed lacrosse would come so far so fast in Utah and the skill level would be so good. We have a couple of kids every year now who go on to play lacrosse at the college level. Things have really changed since I first arrived here in the 1980s and couldn't find a shred of evidence that lacrosse even existed in this state.”