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 Dom Capers - “You put yourself in such a hole and give up that much hidden yardage. You can't do that and expect to win in the NFL.”
 Dom Capers - “Obviously, that's something we have to get corrected. When you put yourself in such a hole and give up that much hidden yardage, you can't expect to win.”
 Dom Capers - “My hope is we learn from some of the things we did.”
 Dom Capers - “I'm very discouraged about the way we played tonight. We came in with the right intentions, but our execution didn't match up with our intentions.”
 Dom Capers - “We've had him working on that. He's a guy we thought could really contribute on special teams.”
 Dom Capers - “I thought we ran the ball well and our first- and second-down passing was much improved. It seems like you have something you have to go to work on every week. That is just kind of where we are right now. Our third down was affected by our pass protection. We are trying to look at a couple different combinations to hopefully help us move forward in that area.”
 Dom Capers - “Before when he'd had swelling in there, it would go down when you gave him rest and time off of it. But the swelling hadn't left.”
 Dom Capers - “I think there's an awful lot for us to learn. We were not sharp. We were too sloppy at times with the turnovers and penalties. It's hard to have an efficient offensive game if you have that many negative plays.”
 Dom Capers - “I think what it comes down to, no matter what defense you're in, it's a matter of players going out and making plays. I think many times (the scheme) is overrated.”
 Dom Capers - “We're obviously still a work in progress in terms of our pass protection. But I've seen us, at times, do the things that you have to do to win football games on offence. We just have to do it more consistently with our execution.”
 Dom Capers - “Right now, if we had to play this week, Corey Bradford would be a question mark. He's getting an MRI today on his groin.”
 Dom Capers - “I think any time you lose a game like today, it leaves you with an empty feeling. We played a talented team and there is a reason why that team was 15-1 last year. We knew going in that it was going to take excellent execution on our part in all three phases of our team. Unfortunately we did not get that, we turned the ball over early.”
 Dom Capers - “The thing I liked about our defense today is that we were able to get pressure on the quarterback. Our defense has improved. In the last two games we've played our best defensive games.”
 Dom Capers - “Today was certainly a positive step in the right direction. I am proud of the way our team has hung together and continued to battle. We now have to take this win and build on it.”
 Dom Capers - “I understand the job as the head football coach is to win games. But when you put your heart and soul into something and it doesn't work the way you want it or anticipate it to, it's disappointing.”
 Dom Capers - “I think that a big part of this game is how you deal with distractions. I've always felt that when you watch teams in the last game of the season, especially if they are out of the playoff race, it comes down to the most focused team and who plays with the most effort comes out on top. It's a challenge.”
 Dom Capers - “We aren't happy where we are. We have to do a better job in the base fundamentals of the game. We have to work hard to keep our poise and to execute under pressure.”
 Dom Capers - “We've had more go wrong than we have go right.”
 Dom Capers - “You don't want to have years like this. I told the guys, you have to learn from this.”
 Dom Capers - “We know Jacksonville has an excellent team and in order for us to go over and compete with their team, there are some areas we have to improve in. But yesterday was a very positive step and we're obviously happy to get our first win.”
 Dom Capers - “Overall, we improved as a football team yesterday. We did more of the things it takes to go in and compete and win a game.”
 Dom Capers - “I've known Nick for a very long time and have the utmost respect for the job he has done at every coaching position he has held. I appreciate the opportunity he has given me, and I'm looking forward to working with him and his staff in any way I can to help the organization achieve its goals.”
 Dom Capers - “Tony Banks has been a starter in the past, and I'm sure he could start for a number of teams. We have total confidence in Tony Banks.”
 Dom Capers - “It's one of the tougher decisions we've had to make because you have such strong feelings about Billy and the kind of team guy he's been. We wish him well and hopefully he has an opportunity to catch on with another team.”
 Dom Capers - “It all begins with the takeawaygiveaway. Anytime you go four games and don't get a takeaway and you're minus-8, it really doesn't make a whole lot of difference what else you do. Statistics prove that it's awful hard to win when you don't get a takeaway.”

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