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 Dom Capers - “We have not performed up to our expectations. We needed to make an adjustment to help us move forward in the direction we want to go.”
 Dom Capers - “We had our opportunities and were close on a few, but we didn't make the plays it takes to beat a good football team.”
 Dom Capers - “Jerome has really been giving us a spark. When you are fighting through what we are fighting through, you are looking to try to make plays any way you can.”
 Dom Capers - “He's been a tremendous contributor to that Colts team this year. He's a guy that you always know is on the field because he's got the kind of explosiveness to make plays. So it's hard to think of anybody in the league that's quite like him right now.”
 Dom Capers - “We decided that we needed to make a move to improve our offense. We promoted Joe to offensive coordinator because we feel that he will be able to help us turn this around.”
 Dom Capers - “We can't be a sloppy team and expect to play winning football. We have to be an efficient team with an eye to detail to win games.”
 Dom Capers - “Our plan is to have him do a little more in practice. Hopefully, he'll respond the way we hope he'll respond, and in that case he'll be the starter.”
 Dom Capers - “I think we'll be better. Our plan last year was to have Boselli and Ryan Young a tackle who left for Dallas in free agency set the tone, but when they got hurt, we had to find other options. Now we have a group that has a chance to build cohesiveness.”
 Dom Capers - “I just think it gives you a totally different perspective, enables you to kind of see the big picture.”
 Dom Capers - “When you look at backgrounds, I think we've got very similar philosophies. That always makes it easier, too, if you know the person you're going to work for, you know what their philosophy is.”
 Dom Capers - “I have no doubt that this team's going to hang in and keep fighting. They're disappointed and frustrated, but they have to put blinders on and prepare for the next challenge.”
 Dom Capers - “I'm proud of the way our team played today. We are coming off of three heartbreaking last-second losses in a row and we needed this win. We've gotten better and we have become stronger because we've handled the disappointment of those losses the right way.”
 Dom Capers - “I just think it gives you a totally different perspective, enables you to kind of see the big picture. So I think you understand why some decisions are being made. You understand the difficulty of making the decisions, whether it be personnel-wise, scheme-wise or staff-wise. To me, experience is the best teacher for any of us.”
 Dom Capers - “I'll take all the credit for that.”
 Dom Capers - “You have to be careful and stay with your step-by-step program. Then, you have to have the courage to stick with it and not sacrifice the future for the quick fix.”
 Dom Capers - “To beat a good football team like Jacksonville, you've got to convert all of your opportunities.”
 Dom Capers - “I've always talked to my team about focusing on the things you can control. So I got this team ready to play as hard as they could today.”
 Dom Capers - “I believe we have our most talented group. We have attempted to stay consistent in following the plan. We have improved each season and I think this will be the most competitive team we've had.”
 Dom Capers - “Big plays like that are hard to overcome. One play to eat up that kind of yardage is tough. For us to be the kind of team we want to be we can't give up yardage in big chunks like that. We'll go back and work on that and get it taken care of.”
 Dom Capers - “We have to do a better job of taking care of the ball. We know the Steelers do a great job of it and they do not turn it over much. We cannot turn it over.”
 Dom Capers - “Jerome caught a ton of punts in training camp because he really hadn't done much of that in college. We kind of worked him overtime in that area during camp.”
 Dom Capers - “Well this obviously has been a long, tough year. I'm disappointed that things had to end this way. I understand this business and I understand your job as a head football coach is to win games. Obviously when you put your heart and soul into something and it doesn't work out the way that you wanted and anticipated, then you're disappointed.”
 Dom Capers - “So, it's not Ed McMahon Darn. And I bought magazines. Who's this Reggie Bush guy anyway”
 Dom Capers - “I liked the way our offense took the ball down the field, but we didn't get in, so we have to invest a lot of time in our goal-line work. We're experimenting with some new people, so I think we'll benefit from that.”
 Dom Capers - “I think what they're doing is good for the game. They're drawing a lot of attention. They haven't really been challenged.”

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