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 Barclays Capital - “Given the renewed interest in commodities and positive sentiment in gold, price risks for the (platinum group metals) are still very much on the upside, in our view.”
 Barclays Capital - “Indeed, another push lower in the gold-to-silver ratio is still possible, with the next target level around the April 2004 low of 51.”
 Barclays Capital - “After the very strong pick-up in U.S. growth data over the past few weeks, we believe the risk of a sharp slowdown in commodity demand looks negligible in the short term.”
 Barclays Capital - “After the very strong pickup in U.S. growth data over the past few weeks, we believe the risk of a sharp slowdown in commodity demand looks negligible in the short term.”
 Barclays Capital - “We believe the rise in Chinese crude oil imports in October signals a period of stronger Chinese apparent demand figures over Q4 2005 and Q1 2006.”
 Barclays Capital - “Much of gold's recent rally has been supported by positive investor sentiment in light of rising oil prices, inflation concerns and geopolitical volatility, and we do not expect these supportive macro-factors to dissipate in the near term.”
 Barclays Capital - “Given the overall positive sentiment and an apparent lack of interest to short the marker aggressively, we see further room on the upside.”
 Barclays Capital - “The presence of significant headline risk, most particularly from Iran's international relations, the Atlantic hurricane season and from tightness in refining, is continuing to support prices at higher levels.”
 Barclays Capital - “The oil system, both upstream and downstream, is being run close to sustainable limits and the tensions created by the absence of slack are now the key driver of prices.”
 Barclays Capital - “The objective of the operation seems to be to create a few large-sized benchmark bonds and over time buy back the smaller issues.”
 Barclays Capital - “U.S. payrolls are much more pivotal today than in prior months. A strong outcome would encourage the market in its increasingly optimistic view of the US economy and hawkish view of the Fed.”
 Barclays Capital - “Range-bound trade looks likely to continue for some time, though we see potential for prices to break on the upside after this consolidation phase.”
 Barclays Capital - “It is worth noting that prices are getting little support from the physical markets despite relatively steady prices of late, which suggest that threat of further correction remains.”
 Barclays Capital - “The markets seem to be pricing in close to zero probability of something going wrong.”
 Barclays Capital - “In all, the disputes serve as further notice, if needed, that the Atlantic refining system is operating on the edge at the moment.”
 Barclays Capital - “Don't miss the boat, again. Supply and demand fundamentals remain constructive for the price up-trends to persist.”
 Barclays Capital - “Italy's problems appear so deeply rooted that the next government, whatever its complexion, is unlikely to do little more than make a start at solving them.”
 Barclays Capital - “The loss in potential gasoline output from these plants alone is expected to be of the order of 600,000 barrels a day.”
 Barclays Capital - “Geopolitical tension, with Iran restarting uranium enrichment ... coupled with high oil prices stocking inflationary fears are supportive for gold's perception (as) a safe-haven asset.”
 Barclays Capital - “a number of proposals contained in the draft policy would actively discourage foreign direct investment and the associated financing.”
 Barclays Capital - “The United States is facing a major gasoline crisis and is starting from a nearly empty tank.”
 Barclays Capital - “It is now appropriate to talk of a major energy crisis after Hurricane Katrina pushed U.S. energy markets beyond the edge. The impact of Katrina has been to produce a significant discontinuity.”
 Barclays Capital - “Uncertainty over the eventual resolution of this conflict would help discourage aggressive selling interest.”
 Barclays Capital - “We continue to question how close the situation now is to either complete company withdrawal from the area or a strike by workers due to the obvious lack of security.”
 Barclays Capital - “Unless upcoming speeches indicate that other FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) members are beginning to shift their views, we do not believe Olson's dissent represents the start of a broader movement within the FOMC toward slowing the pace of rate hikes.”

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