My Favorite Quotes
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 Sen. Cappiello - “Anything dealing with the public health of minors should have parental involvement. Already we have laws on tattoos and ear piercing for minors.”
 Frank Cappiello - “Something has to be done and help is on the way in the form of the Fed, we hope,”
 Frank Cappiello - “The whole closed-end market is based on psychology, ... There's still a lot of hope among the investors who don't want to sell.”
 Joe Cappiello - “It might be difficult or impossible to reopen some of these medical centers.”
 Sen. Cappiello - “I am ecstatic. This is the single best initiative for property tax relief.”
 Frank Cappiello - “There's no such thing as a stock you can own for 20 years, ... Things can change too quickly.”
 Sen. Cappiello - “I haven't voted for a budget in four years. I think this year things went a lot better because we were all in the room.”
 Frank Cappiello - “We ought to be very, very careful where we put our money in because when the music stops, we want to make sure we're in the right position. Eventually we will run out of space in the cyclical stocks. They will come very far, very fast.”
 Sen. Cappiello - “This may seem on its face reasonable. But I envision a time when every public street and every corner has a camera and that makes me nervous. That's not the society I want to live in.”
 Joe Cappiello - “We're going to hear of a thousand more acts of heroism. But the bottom line is that having a response plan that relies on heroism is not tenable.”
 Sen. Cappiello - “If someone wants to debate outright Sunday sales then we should do so, but to pick a day here and pick a day there is ridiculous. I've been consistently against Sunday sales, and not because of any blue laws. It's because the vast majority of liquor store owners ask me not to support it.”
 Frank Cappiello - “Country funds have the most risk, but if you pick a winner, there are absolutely unbelievable rewards.”
 Frank Cappiello - “Three entities would dominate three industries instead of one, ... The company seems to have developed that way over the years -- so someone must have seen this coming.”
 Frank Cappiello - “I think the judge has been very negative toward the company,”
 Joe Cappiello - “I hope there's someone looking at all the health care assets and making sound decisions as the mayor faces overwhelming political pressure to let people back in. The federal government needs to go in there and make sure the hospitals are a safe environment before they're reopened.”
 Joe Cappiello - “Essentially the health care infrastructure of New Orleans is gone it no longer exists.”
 Sen. Cappiello - “This would send a clear message to the business community to get out before it's too late. This would most definitely be the nail in the Connecticut economy's coffin. We cannot continue to tax business to death.”
 Sen. Cappiello - “There are quite a few people who actually don't pay attention to what we do up here. This is a very, very sensitive issue.”
 Sen. Cappiello - “We are talking about people who prey on young children. There isn't any way we can be too strict on these sick people. There should be no ambiguity in our laws. I would even want to look at something as extreme as castration for these people.”
 Frank Cappiello - “It's like being your own doctor, ... I don't know anybody who has the ability to pick stocks five years out ... How can a worker on the assembly line in Detroit or a doctor performing surgery keep track of them”