My Favorite Quotes
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 Romeo Capulong - “What we're up against is a government without respect for the rule of law -- (public officials) placing the law in their own hands and making unilateral decisions.”
 Romeo Capulong - “The moment a party loses trust in them, then it's their duty to self-inhibit.”
 Romeo Capulong - “We've completely lost trust in the entire DoJ under Secretary Raul Gonzalez, including the public prosecutors conducting the preliminary investigation.”
 Romeo Capulong - “In all my 50 years (of practicing law), this is the most complicated case in the history of the DoJ.”
 Romeo Capulong - “We will find out if he committed violations of his oath as a member of the Philippine Bar. This is among our options.”
 Romeo Capulong - “This is a serious case of malicious persecution of Cong. Beltran on account of his political beliefs and activities.”
 Romeo Capulong - “He is entitled to be released. We are just waiting for the written order from the court.”
 Romeo Capulong - “In fact, the DoJ should self-inhibit because one party had lost confidence in the department.”
 Romeo Capulong - “This is scripted, and we can't blame you because you are acting on orders of your superiors.”